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World Students Day: A Tribute to Visionary Teacher and Scientist APJ Abdul Kalam
October 15, 2020 | By - Ankita

World Students Day: A Tribute to Visionary Teacher and Scientist APJ Abdul Kalam

“Education is the most-powerful weapon you can use to change the world”: BB King, American singer-songwriter

World Students Day, three simple words with a simple meaning, but it holds a visionary motive while the future is dependent on it. You must have heard in speeches of various leaders that youths will either make the future or destroy it. A large number of the population is covered by youth and they can only make the future if accompanied by quality education. It’s the education every student can get and make a world that is worth living for everyone. So, what is World Students Day and is it related to International Students Day or National Students Day?

History of World Students Day

History marks the significance of beloved leader of India Dr APJ Abdul Kalam. The day is celebrated on the birth anniversary of India’s 11th President Dr APJ Abdul Kalam on 15 October every year. This day is first commemorated in 2010 in the United Nations to honour students for their hard work and determination.

The day celebrates Dr APJ Abdul Kalam’s role in teaching and his dedication, which cannot be explained in a few words. He always identified himself as a teacher, and while teaching in Shillong-IIM, he had a cardiac arrest. He always showed dedication towards teaching and in 2006 at the presentation of the National Award addressed teachers, quoting that teachers are builders of society.

It’s the responsibility of teachers to provide a vision for life to the students and inculcate fundamental values, which should be practised in the coming years. He acknowledged the struggle students are undertaking like for eg. international students, who travel across seas to learn and utilise the knowledge for better. Homesickness, cultural differences, financial troubles and a lot more were some of the things he talked about.

Moreover, World Students Day is also a celebration of multiculturalism, diversity, cooperation among students worldwide. It is said that originally, the day is a commemoration of over 1,200 students from the University of Prague, whose lives were taken in WWII. So, this becomes a culture and occasions for universities to boost students globally.

About APJ Abdul Kalam

A politician, scientist, author, and a teacher, Dr APJ Abdul Kalam was born on 15 October 1931 in Rameshwaram, Tamil Nadu, India. His full name is Avul Pakir Jainulabdeen Abdul Kalam. He studied physics and aerospace engineering and spent four decades as a scientist and a science administrator at DRDO and ISRO.

Do you know what was his role in the Pokhran test and why it was significant? He was the main technical personnel involved in the operation and was a mastermind behind India’s first nuclear test on 18 May 1947 in Rajasthan. A man with different abilities was still in the heart of people through his words, learning and innovations.

There are some known but hidden facts about the beloved President. He visited Switzerland in 2005 after which the country declared 26 May as ‘Science Day’ to pay respect and honour his visit. There were many awards for his commendable achievements and some of his books like “Wings of Fire: An Autobiography” 1999, must be read as it will lead students to the path of success and glory.

Final note

This is the reason why World Students Day is celebrated annually on 15 October on the birth anniversary of Dr APJ Abdul Kalam. Without a doubt, he has inspired millions of youth through his works, achievements, books lectures, simplicity. The World Students Day 2020 is based on the theme “Learning for the planet, people, prosperity, and peace” amid the Coronavirus outbreak. The theme aims to embrace and highlight development ambitions with collective humanitarian objectives across the globe for students.



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