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World Radio Day 2021: Why this popular mass medium still ‘sounds good’ 
February 10, 2021 | By - Ankita

World Radio Day 2021: Why this popular mass medium still ‘sounds good’ 

Radio’s place in the pantheon of mass mediums of communication remains undisputed despite the onslaught of advanced technologies like smartphones, music players, etc. In 2012, the United Nations declared February 13 as ‘World Radio Day’ as a recognition for the medium’s popularity and widespread outreach, which it maintains can help societies worldwide in numerous ways.

The story of how radio evolved to its current status is even more fascinating. With this blog, learn how the world connected and communicated with each other from distances both far and near. So, lets begin knowing about radio and World Radio Day.

History of Radio 

Did you know ‘Radio’ is over a century old? Before the 19th century, wireless radio communication in everyday life was was what people used to fantasise about. Radio entered the mainstream way after its development in the 1800s, and even its beginning was quite controversial. There is some debate as to who actually invented radio. But what is known is that in 1893, inventor Nikolai Tesla presented a wireless radio in  St. Louis, Missouri.



World Radio Day

Despite this demonstration, Guglielmo Marconi is the person who is most often credited as ‘father and inventor of the radio’. Marconi was awarded the very first wireless telegraph patent in England in the year 1896, securing his spot in history. After that year, Tesla filed for patent for his basic radio in the United States, which was granted in 1900. Regardless of who created the very first radio, on 12 December 1901, Macaroni’s place in history was forever sealed when he became the first person to transmit signals across the Atlantic Ocean.

Radio’s presence and use was sincerely segregated according to the era and some of the main era when radio actually saved lives are mentioned below.

Before And During World War I 

During this time, radio was used to contact ships that were out at sea and during World War I, it became a key source of communication. They typically used Morse code messages to communicate in real time, without the need for a physical messenger.

World Radio Day

1920s – The Era Of Various First 

During this time, civilians started showing interest in radio for private use. Across US and Europe, broadcasting stations such as KDKA in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and England’s British Broadcasting Company (BBC) began to surface. After so many strikes and controversies, radio broadcast began in 1922 with British Broadcasting Company, or BBC, in London. At this point radio became a leading source of communication and entertainment for the public. 

World Radio Day 2021 Theme 

The United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) celebrates 13 February each year as World Radio Day. UNESCO’s General Conference at its 36th session proclaimed 13 February as World Radio Day. UNESCO Director-General proposed the date as it coincides with the anniversary of United Nations Radio, the UN’s international broadcasting service was established on 13 February 1946. During its 67th session, the UN General Assembly adopted a resolution on 14 January 2013 while the United Nations General Assembly formally endorsed UNESCO’s proclamation 13 February as ‘World Radio Day.’

World Radio Day

This year’s theme comes under the banner of “Radio and Diversity”, which expands the concept like “New World, New Radio” is a tribute to its capacity for perpetual adaptation at the rate of societal transformations, and listeners’ latest need. On the occasion of World Radio Day 2021, UNESCO calls on radio stations to commemorate this event’s 10th anniversary and with more than 110 years of radio through its three sub-themes.


The concept signifies evolution of radio as world changes – radio is resilient and sustainable.


As the world changes, radio adapts and innovates for society – radio adapts new technology and remains the go-to medium of mobility, with anywhere, everywhere, and for everyone accessibility.


Radio connects even as the world changes – radio serves the society during natural disasters, socio-economic crises, epidemics, etc.

World Radio Day



First World Radio Day 2012

“World Radio Day”

World Radio Day 2013

“Radio in our everyday lives”.

World Radio Day 2014

“Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment in Radio”

World Radio Day 2015

“Youth and Radio”

World Radio Day 2016

“Radio in Times of Emergency and Disaster”

World Radio Day 2017

“Radio is You”

World Radio Day 2018

“Radio and Sports”

World Radio Day 2019

“Dialogue, Tolerance and Peace.”

World Radio Day 2020

“We are Diversity Radio”

World Radio Day 2021

“Radio and Diversity”

World Radio Day Significance 

Based on the human voice, radio is a uniquely personal medium, invoking the listener’s imagination to develop mental images around the broadcast sounds. Radio is that medium that comforts and soothes listeners with soft dialogue or background music, or it can jar them back into reality with polemics and breaking news. It holds the ability to employ a boundless plethora of sound and music effects to entertain and enthrall listeners.

World Radio Day

Since the vast expansion among people, commercial broadcast companies as well as government organs have made conscious use of its unique attributes to create programs that attract and hold the listener’s attention. It’s a free, democratic, and trusted way of communication with widest geographical reach and greatest audiences.

World Radio Day

A sole object behind celebrating World Radio Day 2021 is to raise awareness among the public and the media, promoting decision-makers to establish and provide access to information through radio as well as to enhance networking and international cooperation among broadcasters.

World Radio Day Quotes 

Radio as we know it is pretty much changing completely.” – David Lee Roth

“When radio keeps silent, our ears shall never hear the real details!” – Ernest Agyemang Yeboah

“Country radio is much more like a family than any other group of people that I’ve met.” – Taylor Swift

“It’s not essential for me to have a big debut week; it’s not essential for me to have big radio records.” – Frank Ocean

“Radio is powerful not because of the microphones, but the one who sits behind the microphones” – Ernest Agyemang Yeboah

“I think it quite likely that we are the only civilization within several hundred light-years; otherwise we would have heard radio waves.” – Stephen Hawking


Radio is one of the powerful mediums for commemorating humanity in all its diversity as it speaks the language that people understand and connect with. To celebrate World Radio Day 2021, you can participate on multiple social networks of UNESCO and UN. If you don’t want to miss any latest information on this day then simply download AlShorts – short news in 30 seconds that brings the concept of ‘New World, New Radio’, a world towards evolution, innovation, and connection.


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