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World Food Day: Waste not today to eat ‘cake by the ocean’ in future
October 16, 2020 | By - Anushka Gandhi

World Food Day: Waste not today to eat ‘cake by the ocean’ in future

October 16 a large number of individuals around the globe will assemble for marathons, presentations, shows, and walks to celebrate ‘World Food Day’. Started by the Food and Agriculture Association of the United Nations (FAO), it is one of the most popular days in the UN schedule. 150 countries partake in this event, hosting many events to promote and celebrate World Food Day.

Celebrations around the world on ‘World Food Day’ (WFD)


WFD has been a convention in the US since the main Food Day in 1982. In the US the undertaking is supported by 450 public, private deliberate organizations. One model for World Food Day occasions is the ‘Food Day Sunday Meals’ that Oxfam America supports in a joint effort with a few other non-profits. Emeritus Diocese supervisor Desmond Tutu and creator Francis Moore Lappe have collaborated with Oxfam America to advance World Food Day Sunday Suppers. The Iowa Appetite Highest point has been hung on or close to WFD since 2007 and is organized by the World Food Prize in conjunction with their annual symposium in Des Moines, Iowa.



In Italy, services, colleges, research organizations, global offices, and NGOs have sorted out numerous meetings just as displays and symposia. The Italian Service of Farming and Ranger service Strategies sorted out a gathering that zeroed in on ladies’ privileges in provincial territories in 2005.


In Germany, the Government Service of Customer Security, Food and Agribusiness have all become included by means of public interviews. Spanish TV has been dynamic in communicating occasions. FAO Generosity Diplomat – Spanish soccer star Raul – has partaken in occasions and helped feature food-security issues over his nation.


In Hungary, prestigious specialists have given introductions in the Hungarian Rural Historical center and FAO, and WFD decorations have been granted to notable Hungarian specialists by the FAO Sub-Local Delegate.



Chad, a great many individuals have gone to discussions, meetings, and exercises including theatre, films, society move, visits to extend locales, and visits by farming organizations to create awareness in the masses.


Ghana, the Service of Food and Horticulture has facilitated a food security meeting, while Namibia has run a mindfulness crusade through public media.


Botswana, the Public Food innovation research focus as of late displayed its items and administrations at the WFD recognition held at Kalakamati Homestead on 19 October 2017.


Food is not a luxury it’s a basic necessity of people but 1 out of 4 people go to sleep hungry. Just because the majority can afford to waste food, they take away from all those people in need. Remember, if you have extra, don’t throw it away. Share it, donate it. This way you will be helping the needy and also saving the environment.


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