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Why is Covid-19 Death Toll in Italy Rising on Hourly Basis?
March 25, 2020 | By - Vaidehi Singh

Why is Covid-19 Death Toll in Italy Rising on Hourly Basis?

Italy – a country known for its rustic beauty and cultural ethos all around the world has been in the news recently for all the wrong reasons. 2020 didn’t start on a positive note, especially for a country like Italy. 
Europe has become the epicenter of Coronavirus pandemic outside China. It has been facing continuous rise in Coronavirus cases. The confirmed cases tally is just a few numbers away from reaching 400,000 with Italy registering close to 65,000 confirmed cases till 24 March 2020. 

Though the number of recoveries, approximately counting to be above 7,000, the COVID – 19 death in Italy lies above 6,000. Italy surpassed China by registering maximum number of deaths for two consecutive days, registering 651 and 793 in just a matter of 24 hours, respectively. 

Before we go much ahead, let us get a brief of what Coronavirus is exactly.   

What is Coronavirus?

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), Coronavirus disease, also termed as COVID-19 is a virus caused by the newly discovered Coronavirus. People with this infection show symptoms like, mild to moderate respiratory illness, along with fever, cold & cough and sore throat. 

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As of now no vaccine or treatments has been specified but clinical trials are under evaluation. 

Maintaining personal hygiene by washing hands regularly and using alcohol-based sanitizers is the top most priority which each and every individual must practice. 

Europe – Italy and virus

Viruses haven’t been something new to Italy and its neighbours. Being one of the major trade routes even during the Middle Ages and Renaissance, contagious disease like the present Coronavirus have come and gone. 

Venice was the first city to develop methods to contain and treat these types of contagious diseases. 

Why did Italy witness exceptional rise in COVID – 19 deaths?

Epidemics affect different countries in different ways, but the need to tackle and combat these epidemics lies in the hand of policy makers. Also, the government and its regulations play a big hand too.

Italy lacked co-ordination among local governments, along with multiple political fragmentation. The authorities instead of tackling the spread, courted risk by encouraging people to leave the worst affected areas of Coronavirus in Italy. Instead of containing the students, they aimed at shifting it from one place to another by sending students back home. 

But now, not just Italy but other neighboring countries have tightened securities and restricted travel. European countries have been put under stringent lockdown.

What other transformation Italy has witnessed after lockdown?

Coronavirus has brought on a major negative impact globally, but it brought with it a ray of hope. Be it China, the epicenter of the virus outbreak or Europe, which is one of the majorly affected country outside Chinese mainland, these places have got back their original beauty. 

The water canals of Venice got back swans and dolphins as the country was put under strict lockdown. Similarly, the pollution level in China was null down to a mere low as it went under lockdown in January 2020 itself. 

In the end, whether one agrees or not, nature still is at par over humankind. Nature knows the way to find a solution to every problem, may it be in a form of a calamity, it does and truly dominates. 


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