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What will the New Normal be post COVID-19 pandemic?
July 16, 2020 | By - Neelam Motwani

What will the New Normal be post COVID-19 pandemic?

Let’s face it: COVID-19 pandemic changed the life of all ‘for good’. While cases are rising in millions every day, people are still wondering if they will ever be able to go back to a mall with their friends without following precautionary measures. In fact, people are so used to washing and sanitizing their hands, that their must have lifestyle products are switched to various choices of sanitizers and handwash.
Now, when several countries are lifting the nationwide lockdown, people are still hesitant to catch public transport. Everything comes down to a single phrase, “What will be the New Normal once the pandemic is over?”

Let’s consider different segments of choices and industries that will change forever and show the spotlight towards #NewNormal.

  • Consumption of Goods Other Than Essentials

When all the people are working remotely, the chances of updating one’s closets and apparels is a definite NO. We all have realized that 2 pairs of jeans and 3 t-shirts are enough to suffice your entire week. And, with the economy dropping every day, people are focused on buying essentials only. Seems like, people might have to say goodbye to those expensive dresses, as it’s not really an essential need for now.

  • Education System

Now when the entire world is under lockdown, what happens to the education system? This is where your Wi-Fi capacity will be tested. The education system has now mutated into a digital platform where students can attend their sessions and classes through video conferencing. Applications like the Zoom video conferencing application witnessed skyrocket visibility amid the COVID-19 pandemic. As a matter of fact, Zoom topped the list of application which were most downloaded in March and April 2020 with 3.2 million downloads.

Well, of course, it has its own pros and cons, but now the education industry is well aware of key aspects and methods to choose from at the time of crisis like this.

  • Remote Work

If you are still reading this blog, you will definitely be swaying your head up and down when asked if you are working from home? Most of the companies have switched their operations remotely, where employees can perform their duties without risking their lives by going to the office. After COVID-19 was declared a pandemic, major giants like Twitter and Facebook declared permanent remote work culture by quoting, “This is the future of work”.

Speaking of the benefits of remote work, think of how much electricity and commute time you save! While employers can enjoy some slack in terms of electricity bills and infrastructure maintenance, employees can save a lot of time and money in commuting to the office.

  • Digital Transformation

Businesses now are taking switching to digital-driven capability. Now when the technology is advancing on an everyday basis, it is important to walk with the updated capacities. Tech giants are introducing the latest technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain, you do not want to miss out on the chances of earning great revenues and breakthrough deliverables.
Technologies like chatbots are also catching the eyes of several industrial horizons. According to Statista, Chatbot market revenue worldwide is estimated to grow by USD 83.4 billion by 2021.

Certainly, this might be the New Normal in the field of technology, where people and businesses will not be turning back in terms of driving their firm with robust technologies.

  • Health and Hygien

Ask yourself: Were you really this conscious about sanitization and hygiene in your home before COVID-19 pandemic? Absolutely not! People are making careful decisions as to whether to send their kids outside to play in the mud, or just let them enjoy some time on PlayStation alone.
From sanitizing oneself to the entire house, seems like sanitizers are here to stay for a longer time as we approach New Normal. In fact, people have started working on their health and immunity. Yoga and exercises are now part of daily patterns where people spend their mornings by boosting their energy for a healthy life.

  • Watching Sport

If you are planning to watch Virat Kohli in an open stadium waving towards the audience during a cricket match, well this dream is shattered already. Most of the sports are happening closed doors while the audience is watching the game on their television with a big basket of Popcorn.
And whether you like it or not: This is going to be part of our lives for quite some more time. So, you might have to evaluate your idea of watching a game from your home television while maintaining social distance from your friends too. Harsh, but true!

  • Leisure Travel

Well, it’s time to cancel all your Maldives and Thailand trips till the end of 2020 at least. With cases rising on an hourly basis and international travel restrictions, people have to say goodbye to their leisure long trips. And even if you plan to do so, ‘New Normal’ suggests that you have to maintain social distancing and wear masks at all times.
So why not just enjoy the 3D views of astonishing heritage cites and holiday spots through virtual reality.

  • Shopping @HomeSweetHome

Whether its buying groceries or medicines, why go out when it can all be delivered in just a click? Well, people were fond of e-commerce platforms already, but nationwide lockdown amid Coronavirus pandemic just gave a mandated push to all the users. While people are hesitant to go outside to even buy a piece of butter, they are switching to e-commerce platforms for a healthy choice.
As a matter of fact, digital buyer penetration reached 64.6% in 2020 and is estimated to reach 65.2% in 2021. The numbers explain itself how people are switching from their traditional methods to the New Normal approach.

To Conclude

Everything comes to an end! True, indeed! COVID-19 pandemic will lose its fire when the vaccine is introduced. But will you even be shaking hands with another stranger again? Will you be hugging your friend again who was once tested positive for COVID-19? So, what we really know is that life is never going to be the same. It’s time to say goodbye to all our old habits and welcome ‘New Normal’ wholeheartedly.


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