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What Activities to Avoid during COVID-19 Pandemic?
July 11, 2020 | By - Raghav Gupta

What Activities to Avoid during COVID-19 Pandemic?

Coronavirus pandemic has changed the manner on how world behaves. While you are out shopping or eating at a buffet, you have a certain fear dangling around your mind. Governments that initially opted for a lockdown to slow down spread of the virus have been forced to open up due to sinking economies and other major impacts of COVID-19 outbreak. Opening up seemed like an only option. Countries like USA and Brazil have witnessed a sudden rise in infections as their governments eased restrictions. 

To help people reduce their risk of catching the virus, we have ranked 10 activities according to their Coronavirus risk factor. Keeping an eye out for everything seems to be the only option until a vaccine arrives. While everyone can engage in activities with low to moderate risk, it has advised by experts that only ‘healthy’ people should opt for high-risk activities amid the outbreak.

Here’s the complete list with low to high-risk routine activities-

1.Low Risk- Getting Restaurant Takeout

Restaurant takeout is the best option if you are missing the outdoor life. It might give you some encouragement that you have lost from the homesickness. Dining out has been put on the list of high-risk activities by US CDC for obvious reasons. Being inside a restaurant could put you more to the risk of catching Coronavirus. While dining out, out cannot wear a mask and neither can others. 

2.Low Risk- Playing Tennis

Sports that allow players and others present to keep a safe distance between themselves have been classified under the ‘low risk’ category. Tennis allows players to keep a safe distance. Not much staff is required to conduct the games other than players and hence the risk of infection while playing tennis seems to be extremely low. However, players must exercise caution while touching the tennis ball before serving as it can be a carrier of infection.

3.Low Risk- Grocery Shopping

Grocery shopping is among essential activities that are needed to be done regularly. Choosing a store that is not much crowded and limits the number of shoppers at a time can be extremely helpful. Standing near others while waiting in the billing line or while selecting your food can be risky. These dangers can be minimized by maintaining social distance and sanitizing the cart you are taking before placing your hands on it.

4.Moderate Risk- Shopping at a Mall

Closed spaces like shopping malls can prove to be a virus hotspot if not sanitized properly. The number of common touchpoints in malls is more than any other place. From elevator buttons to door handles, anything and everything you touch in a mall can serve as a virus breeding point. Wear gloves and face masks if it is extremely important to go to a shopping mall.

5.Moderate Risk- Swimming in a Public Pool

Temperature checks and sanitizing everyone before entering swimming pools can only slow the spread of virus infection. It cannot be prevented if a swimmer is an asymptomatic carrier. Hence, swimming in public pools and waterparks should be avoided to reduce risk of catching COVID-19. 

6.Moderate Risk- Visiting an Elderly at Their Home

Elderly are among the most vulnerable category during virus crisis. Due to their ageing immune system, the virus has been taking a hard hit on people above 65 years of age. Visiting am elderly person at their home can make them further susceptible to virus infection. According to various studies, a big part of global young population has COVID-19 but they do not know about it because of no symptoms. Avoid visiting the elderly to help them pass these difficult times with ease and comfort.

7.High Risk- Going to a Hair Salon

People around the world are struggling to maintain their elite looks amid virus crisis. Salon and barbershops were closed due to rising virus cases but as economies reopen, these outlets have also started resuming procedures. Going to a hair salon can be dangerous as you have to be in close contact with the person trimming your hair. The same attendant might also have served several other people during the day or week which makes him a probable COVID-19 carrier. Workers in a salon should wear protective kits and exercise sanitization practices to reduce risk of catching Coronavirus infection.

8.High Risk- Attending a Gathering

Large gatherings have been banned by most countries to reduce the risk of community spread of COVID-19. From marriage parties to funerals, the number of attendees has been limited to control virus spread. Avoid attending a gathering to reduce risk of catching Coronavirus infection.

9.High Risk- Working Out at a Gym

Gyms are among the hardest hit businesses due to COVID-19 outbreak. New sanitization practices have been adopted by many operators but the risk of catching the virus from asymptomatic carriers prevails more than anywhere else in Gyms. The sweat and excessive breathing due to physical activities in closed spaces serve as a perfect breeding ground for Coronaviruses. Touching surfaces or breathing in such an environment can make you susceptible to COVID-19 infection.

10.High Risk- Eating at a Buffet

A buffet involves a lot of people interacting with each other in a close environment. As everyone is having food, it is impossible for them to wear a face mask. The air inside a buffet disperses slow, meaning you have a greater chance of catching the virus than ever.

How to Stay Safe From COVID-19?

At this time when Coronavirus infection has spread across the globe, the governments are left with very limited societal measures that they can adopt to limit the spread of infections. Citizens should take charge and follow Coronavirus preventive guidelines to keep themselves healthy. Washing hands with soap and water, sanitizing your home and wearing a facemask can help in preventing virus infection. Exercise caution and keep yourself and your family safe. Break the chain. Because everything will start from you!

To Conclude

While the entire world is still struggling to fight this pandemic, we are left with only few options in hand. People must take responsibility of their own actions to keep themselves protected from the virus. Its time to fight this battle ON YOUR OWN! Its time to take charge of yourself, so that others are motivated to do the same.


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