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Unused COVID-19 Vaccines in Hong Kong: What We Know So Far
May 27, 2021 | By - Neelam Motwani

Unused COVID-19 Vaccines in Hong Kong: What We Know So Far

COVID-19 pandemic is not over! While people in many countries are booking appointments to receive the vaccination, people in Hong Kong are choosing the HIGH ROAD. AOnly 11.6% of the population have received the vaccine so far amid protest against the Hong Kong government. It was from the beginning that Hong Kong faced scepticism towards the vaccination drive. It is a fight with the government that is restricting their citizens to agree on anything that authorities has to provide. The breakdown has now fuelled the warning that the vaccines might expire by September this year. 

Let’s understand this breakdown in little detail and how the government is handling the current situation. 

Tensions rising in Hong Kong

The public trust in the government witnessed historic lows after the crackdown between Beijing and local authorities.

In the midst of all this, COVID-19 pandemic took second place in the list of issues. The youth, in particular, is objecting to every COVID-19 protocol including inoculation of the vaccines. The major population is simply rehecting any recommendation or instruction by the government.

Hong Kong vaccine

The government is providing the vaccine shots for free, which is available for people over 16 years of age. But the TRUST in the government is still a dot for the population. 

Hong Kong citizens, as they fight the new security laws governed by the Chinese government, still lack confidence in the Chinese vaccine Sinovac. Such an adverse reaction has also led to further delay in returning to normalcy. 

Will Hong Kong throw away unused vaccines?

Officials have warned that the country might have to throw away MILLIONS of vaccines as they approach their expiry date. And the irony is that Hong Kong is one of the fortunate countries to receive enough doses that it can inoculate its entire population, while other countries like India are still struggling to vaccinate half of their population.

Hong Kong vaccine

So far, more than 3.2 million doses of vaccines have been shipped to Hong Kong and only 1.2 million people have been administered. 

Some of the politicians in the country have also suggested that the city might send unused vaccines overseas if the situation in Hong Kong does not improve.

Effects of Hong Kong’s vaccine surplus

Since most of the population is hesitant to take jabs, the authorities fear that it might weaken their bargaining power if more jabs will be required in the future. The concern was raised by the Secretary for Food and Health Professor, Sophia Chan Siu-Chee as the government revealed the possibility of cancelling or delaying scheduled deliveries.

Hong Kong vaccine

Will the Hong Kong public break their outrage towards the government to fight the much worse war called COVID-19 pandemic? If not, what will the government decide on the unused vaccinations? To read the latest updates and bulletins around the world, keep reading AlShorts– Short News in 30 seconds.


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