UAE Coronavirus Aid: Helping hands beyond borders

By - Vaidehi Singh

One of the leading countries in Middle East region, United Arab Emirates (UAE) is known to be the biggest development hub in the region.

But, with spread of epidemic, the new Coronavirus, the global economy has seen a tremendous fall.

Whereas on one hand, countries are trying their best to cope up with this fatal disease, UAE has extended a helping hand not only to citizens residing within the boundaries, but also to other countries.

UAE has stepped forward to provide extra care to the counties in form of grant and kind. 

Currently UAE’s Ministry of Health and Prevention (MoHAP) confirmed 45 people infected with the new Coronavirus in UAE (COVID-19), as on 7 March 2020. With the whopping rise in numbers noticed in Iran, Italy, South Korea, and other countries, UAE has started its inverse counting as two Chinese patients previously diagnosed with Coronavirus have successfully recovered from it. 

Out of the 45 people quarantined with Coronavirus in UAE, three are Emiratis. Among the other infected, include citizens from Thailand, Morocco, China, India, Saudi Arabia, Ethiopia, and Iran. 

Coronavirus in UAE leads to cancelation of major events

event cancel in uae

This epidemic has got the global economy to come to a standstill. Various important events across the world have been cancelled by the respective authorities.

One of the main events which started in UAE – the UAE Tour, was halted in the middle as two participants contracted with COVID-19. 

UAE ensures safety among children amid virus outbreak

The country has also issued an order of early four-week spring break to ensure safety and security among students. Coronavirus in UAE has led to the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) to take many preventive measures to avoid the spreading of the virus. 

The concerned ministries along with the help of Google, has opened distance learning initiatives until March end, to ensure utmost precautions amid virus spread. 

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Qualified and specialized doctors in the Middle east urge to not panic as some symptoms of Coronavirus are similar to that of various flu.

The authorities on the other hand has also urged the public to get all information from credible sources and avoid sharing rumours and false information.  

How is UAE helping other countries cope with new Coronavirus?

UAE is continuously coordinating with countries like Iran for further evacuation to their respective homeland.

 In line with UAE’s continuous humanitarian efforts, the country flew hundreds of foreign nationals out of the virus epicenter country, China.

Under the leadership of HH Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, UAE is conducting a co-operation operation with the Chinese government to bring students from eleven nations. 

UAE also announced establishment of preventive health centre within the Emirates Humanitarian City complex.

After experiencing Coronavirus in UAE, the country now provides 24-hour health care for evacuated residents from Wuhan – the epicenter of new Coronavirus. 

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