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Top 7 Most Popular Arabic Songs
November 9, 2020 | By - Ankita

Top 7 Most Popular Arabic Songs

Saad Lamjarred to Saif Nabeel or Khaled, everyone who loves variation in music has an Arabic Music artist on their playlist. It is not only the tone and music that pleases melophiles but also the words put into a great melody that touches the soul. Every region has its own traditional music, but music from the Arabs is not limited to the Middle East or nearby countries. It has a universal appeal that makes it popular among people of different nationalities and age groups.

Diverse music styles, genres, and distinct dialect offer a bountiful of rich experience that attracts everyone more to Arabic Music. But if you are still not acquainted with Music from Arabs, we recommend you try the best of offerings from great artists to feel the dynamics of it.

Listen to this popular song from Saad Lamjarred

How does listening to music make you feel? Inspired? Happy? Contemplative? or a completely new person?

Whatever the feeling, it is based on emotion. Have you ever wondered how simple music can take you away to a ‘La La Land” and it not just heightens our mood, but our memory, performance, and affect well-being?

What do you think about popular Arabic songs? First things first, Arabic songs are one of the popular means of pop culture not just in the Middle East but worldwide. Short brief of Arabic music for your understanding, it consists of tones and semitones, but can also move in quarter tones. You can simply differentiate between various music as Arabic songs make far smaller tonal steps without the musician losing sight of the keynote.


Bollywood and the Arabs

India is a near and dear friend of the Arabs. The country with the second largest population in the world is loved by people in the Middle East and the reciprocal relations are also extraordinary. The outstanding mark of these relations and friendship could be seen in the cultural mix. Many songs in Indian film industry, Bollywood, are inspired by Arabic songs. You can also see Arabic artists performing in the Bollywood music industry. While the conventional songs are a superhit among Indian audience, new age Arabic music is also loved in the country.


Here are some Arabic Music Artists and their hit numbers to make your day better. Cruise through the day with these selected soulful tunes.

Khaled- C’est La Vie

This song is partly Arabic, partly French but it is fully equipped with good-vibes, which will amaze you. The song has been covered in Spanish by Latin artist Marc Anthony. Originally the song was released in 2012, which was released and showed Khaled’s dramatic vocals. The song is good-to-go in clubs too and it topped the charts of France to the Czech Republic. Note it down that it became one of the favourite songs in stadiums across Europe, which later got a makeover in 2013 when it covered the track.

Hala Al Turk- Zaghana

Hala Al Turk is among the singers with Top 25 most viewed Arabic songs and she became popular when she was selected for Arab Got Talent in 2011. Her songs have crossed 218 million views, which makes it one of the most popular songs in Arabs.

Mohammed Ramadam & Saad Lamjarred- Ensay

This was the most dominating summer song with over 140 million views on YouTube in less than two months. This is interesting! The duet of Moroccan singer Saad Lamjarred and Egyptian singer Mohammed Ramadan ‘Ensay’ was released in 2019. The sound is a blend of rap and oriental music, which became No 1 trend in Egypt.

Saad Lamjarred- Lm3allem 

Having that passion in the artists with a pure air around will prove the Arabic pop significant. Lm3allem is brilliant from its sonic to visual presentation. The totter beats, icy synth riff and first-rate stalking is the best part of the song. It sounds appealing and innovative. His vocals are deep, joyful and powerful to perform the mindless performance for his peers. The track has recorded more than 780 million views on YouTube that also resembles images from a Hassan Hajjaj artwork.

Abu ft. Yousra- 3 Daqat

The biggest hit of 2017 crossed 125 million views on YouTube in the initial 3 months of the release. The song was the original idea of a rising star Abu and acclaimed actress Yousra. Both of these singers belong to Egypt. It was first launched at El Gouna Film Festival. Various Arab celebrities like Nabeel Eisa, Sherine Reda, Jamila Adel Awad and Eygptian actor Ahmed Malek were featured in this.

Hussain Al Jasmi- Boshret Kheir

The Egyptian Arabic song “Boshret Kheir” or ‘good omen’ of Emirati singer Hussain Al Jasmi was one of the popular music that promoted populism, patriotism, and ideology of Egyptian nationalism. The patriotic anthem was produced to encourage political activism and participation. It was released ten days before the presidential elections and the lyrics symbolized the election’s legitimacy. The song crossed 15 million views within two weeks of release on YouTube.

Hisham Abbas- Nari Nari

The song ‘Nari Nari’ or ‘Habibi dah’ of Hisham Abbas blew people away in older and current times both, released in 2002. Hisham Abbas is an Egyptian singer, who is known for his versatile singing capability, advancing a culture of Arab and other countries. The song crossed millions’ hearts as embracing womanhood with Indian singer Jayashri. The single went platinum in Egypt and won the award for Best Video at Egyptian Oscars. Earlier in 2019, Indian movie ‘Made in China’ added a new rendition of this song starring Rajkumar Rao and Mouni Roy.


Want More Like These?

Create your own list of Arabic songs and share your experience. Keep listening to music as it drives people’s future. The world with immense opportunities, Arab land is a soulful place with a variety of artists and creations.


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