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Top 5 News Headlines of The Day | April 27, 2020
April 28, 2020 | By - Admin

Top 5 News Headlines of The Day | April 27, 2020

Coronavirus pandemic has sought the attention of every human alive. With over 3 million COVID-19 cases worldwide and about 210,000 deaths, it has become the worst pandemic after Spanish flu. But the good news could be in the growing recovery rate of slowing infection count as countries up their response to disease control. Read latest global happenings and updates about Coronavirus pandemic on AlShorts app. Top news in just 60 words. Download on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Here are Top 5 News Headlines of the Day-

Chinese authorities: Wuhan hospitals all cleared of COVID-19 cases

According to Chinese authorities, after more than three months of fighting COVID-19, hospitals in Wuhan now do not have a single patient of novel Coronavirus. This information was shared as a 77 year old man who was the last patient being treated in Wuhan, tested negative for COVID-19. Authorities had also lifted the 73-day lockdown in Wuhan on 8 April 2020.

Australia’s COVIDSafe App touches two million downloads

The Australian government successfully launched the ‘COVIDSafe Application’ on 27 April 2020. The Coronavirus tracing application has already received two million downloads after its launch in a few hours of its announcement. Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison assured continuous work in line to ensure the safety and security of Australian nationals amid Coronavirus lockdown.

India: RBI announces USD6.5 billion liquidity support to mutual funds

Reserve Bank of India has announced liquidity support for mutual funds. The apex banking body of India has stepped up with liquidity worth USD6.5 billion (INR 50,000 crore) to meet their requirements. The funds will be available until 11 May 2020 or till the utilisation of allocated amount. Funds available under RBI’s SLF-MF allocation can be used by banks ‘exclusively’ for meeting liquidity requirements of Mutual Funds.

Pandemic could create ‘human rights disaster’, UN rights chief warns

UN rights chief warned that countries imposing new rules in the name of COVID-19 containment could create a human rights disaster. She called on countries to refrain from violating fundamental rights “under the guise of exceptional or emergency measures”. However, the chief acknowledged that states have the right to restrict some rights to protect public health.

UK: PM Johnson thanks Britons for abiding by lockdown

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson thanked Britons for abiding by the lockdown rules while he was recovering from COVID-19 infection. Johnson returned to work on 27 April 2020 after being treated for the infection. He asked citizens to contain their impatience as he warned of a more strict phase. Johnson also diminished calls of relaxing lockdown measures like other European countries.

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