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Top 5 News Headlines of The Day | April 21, 2020
April 22, 2020 | By - Admin

Top 5 News Headlines of The Day | April 21, 2020

2020 has been the worst year for crude oil prices in over two decades. For the first time in history, West Texas Intermediate has entered a negative price line. WTI June 2020 futures fell into the negative spot as producers ran out of storage spaces due to contracted demand amid Coronavirus outbreak. Pakistan Minister has joined the list of leaders who are at extreme risk of contracting COVID-19. PM Khan had met a philanthropist who has tested positive for the virus. Get 60 word news articles to sum up your day on AlShorts app.

Here are Top 5 News Headlines of the Day-

COVID-19: Trump plans to suspend immigration to protect American jobs

US President Donald J. Trump opened about signing an executive order to temporarily suspend immigration into the United States. President Trump called Coronavirus as “invisible enemy” while highlighting American jobs. All visa processing by the State Department, including immigrant visas, has been suspended for weeks. US has registered more than 42,000 deaths till 20 April 2020.

PM Conte: Italy to start easing Coronavirus lockdown from 4 May 2020

Italy plans to announce a gradual and slow reopening from the lockdown imposed to curb Coronavirus spread. Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte stated that the plans for easing the lockdown will be applied from 4 May 2020. ‘I wish I could say, let’s reopen everything’ PM Conte stated, adding that such a decision could be irresponsible. The government shall analyze situation based on cases before declaring final announcement.

Ramadan: Mass exodus tradition banned in Indonesia

Indonesian President Joko Widodo announced on 21 April 2020 that the government will ban mass exodus tradition during the month of Ramadan. This tradition, usually known as ‘mudik’ takes place at the end of the fasting month of Ramadan. This has been canceled for 2020 due to the risk of rising Coronavirus cases.

Lifting of Coronavirus lockdowns must be gradual: WHO

The World Health Organisation (WHO) warned that any lifting of Coronavirus lockdowns must be gradual. If restrictions were to be relaxed soon, the number of cases could resurge. Takeshi Kasai, WHO Regional Director stated that lockdowns have proved effective, and people must be ready for a new way of living, to allow society to function while Coronavirus is curbed.

Four special planes fly over 1,000 stranded nationals to Pakistan

One thousand stranded Pakistani nationals boarded four special flights from Dubai on 20 April 2020 to get back to their homeland. The arrangement was made by the government of Pakistan and carried by national carrier Pakistan International Airlines (PIA). The government devised an online system to know the exact numbers by filling a form.

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