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Top 5 News Headlines of The Day | April 10, 2020
April 11, 2020 | By - Admin

Top 5 News Headlines of The Day | April 10, 2020

While Europe is soon expected to ramp up its Coronavirus recovery process, situation in India is worsening. Some experts suggest that the Coronavirus outbreak will touch its peak in India in the coming week and so the rise in infections is evident. But such comments have not stopped general public from panicking.

Odisha and Punjab state in the country have already extended the lockdown period from 14 April to 30 April. Rajasthan, largest state of India in area is also expected to soon announce an extension of lockdown as cases soar.

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Here are Top 5 News Headlines from the Day

Indian state of Rajasthan may extend lockdown period till 30 April: Sources

As per sources, Rajasthan may soon become India’s third state to extend the existing lockdown period till 30 April 2020. Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot recently said that the state is exploring options and a decision will soon be taken in respect. Rajasthan is among top five most infected states in India. Capital Jaipur has become a major hotspot in the state with over 200 cases of Coronavirus infection.

Global Coronavirus death toll nears 100,000 as cases cross 1.6 mn mark

The 101st day since COVID-19 was first reported, global Coronavirus infections crossed 1.6 million cases. The death toll nears 100,000 mark with most fatalities being reported from Italy, Spain, France, UK, and USA. New cases and deaths in Europe are experiencing a downward trend giving a sense of relief to every part of the world.

Russia, US, Saudi Arabia seek to stabalise oil trade

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin along with US President Donald Trump and Saudi Arabia’s King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud discussed OPEC+ oil group meeting over a telephone call. These leaders confirmed their aim to stabilize global oil trade. They also highlighted few topics of discussion for the G20 energy ministers meeting scheduled for 10 April 2020.

COVID-19: UK PM Boris Johnson discharged from ICU

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been moved back to a regular ward at St. Thomas’ Hospital in central London after receiving treatment in intensive care. He is receiving treatment for COVID-19 related ailments. Meanwhile, applause rang out across the UK in the third ‘Clap for Carers’ event, where people showed their appreciation for NHS staff and other workers on the front line of the pandemic.

Japan plans to call off ceremonies for proclamation of Crown Prince

Japan’s government is considering to postpone proclamation ceremonies of Crown Prince Akishino’s rise to the first line to the throne. The possible delay comes after Prime Minister Shinzo Abe declared a state of emergency over Coronavirus outbreak in the country. The ceremonies are scheduled to take place at the Imperial Palace in Tokyo on 19 April 2020.

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