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Top 10 Successful Startups in Dubai
June 26, 2020 | By - Raghav Gupta

Top 10 Successful Startups in Dubai

Startups are an essential part of the modern business community. The growth and prosperity of a place is often judged by the variety of startups it hosts. From food delivery to cab-hailing services, there are many kinds of ventures across the globe that cater to resident public. When it comes to the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region the nature of new businesses varies from the global stage. Dubai hosts a number of ‘baby business ventures’ that attract global attention. When searching for top 10 successful startups in Dubai, a person can always find a long list of such unicorn enterprises.

Let’s see which are the Top 10 Startups in Dubai:

  1. HolidayMe

Founded by Digvijay Pratap and Geet Bhalla, HolidayMe is an online travel portal. It offers customized travel solutions to tourists across the Middle East. The travel planning portal was started in 2013 to provide travellers to plan and book a holiday experience completely online. It is one of the successful startups in Dubai that has established themselves well in the market.

  1. Tabby

Overspending is a real problem and for people, who wish to save more, Tabby proves to be the best buddy! Dubai is home to a number of expatriates from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and the Philippines. Most people who come to Dubai wish to save more and spend less. But many of them are often not able to manage their spending which forces their savings to fall. 

Tabby provides consumers with the flexibility to pay for their expenses in a deferred single payment or in multiple instalments. The startup recently raised USD7 million in funding to expand its ‘buy now pay later’ platform in Saudi Arabia. It is one of the best startups in Dubai because of its upward growth story.

  1. Wadi

Wadi is a budding e-commerce company in Dubai. It is one of the fastest-growing e-commerce companies in the Middle East. After initially focusing on being a marketplace, the company is now eyeing the grocery market in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA). Wadi is among top 10 startups in Dubai due to its very nature of product and the consumer base it enjoys. 

  1. Matic

Founded in 2016, Matic is a marketplace that connects users with highly qualified registered cleaners. The startup currently serves twelve cities in four major countries which are UAE, KSA, Bahrain, and Lebanon. Matic has become one of successful startups in Dubai. Their coordination with the service providers and customers has been praised by many. Through its network of over 4,000 service providers, Matic claims to serve over 7,000 homes daily.

  1. Beehive

Beehive is the Middle East’s first regulated online marketplace for peer-to-peer lending. It connects investors and businesses to build mutually beneficial partnerships. The platform applies some out of the box techniques to find investment for startups and other types of young ventures. It also minimizes the risks of investors by helping them build a more wide portfolio of investments.

  1. MAGNiTT

A startup for the startup ecosystem in Dubai, MAGNiTT is the leading community and data platform for start-ups, investors, corporates, and enablers in the Middle East and North Africa region. Apart from publishing stories of successful startups in Dubai and top startups in Dubai, MAGNiTT is also one of them. Launched in 2014, the platform has over 400 investors onboard with about 300 active job openings.

  1. PropertyFinder

Property searches account for a big chunk of internet traffic in Dubai. Due to the infrastructural push and the amazing city, everyone desires to settle in Dubai. Property Finder is one of the largest real estate website in UAE. From a wide range of apartments to luxury villas, users can find every type of residential property on the website. It also facilitates real-time viewing of some of the locations on board with the use of latest technology. With its features and listings, Property Finder is among the top 10 successful startups in Dubai.

  1. Jamalon

With more than 10 million Arabic and English titles, Jamalon is the largest bookstore in Middle East. It offers home delivery and localized payment methods for its customers. Jamalon enables publishers in Middle East to access the global market with its worldwide platform. The transactions numbers of Jamalon makes helped it get a top spot in top startups in Dubai list.


THE LIST sells a wide range of curated fashion from the world’s best boutiques. Founded in 2016 by German-Polish entrepreneur Andreas Skorski, THE LIST is a global marketplace to buy high end fashion items. The platform sells a selection of luxury products including fashion, accessories, furniture, and art. The company offers door to door delivery service. 

  1. Careem

Careem is the one startup that you cannot ignore while discussing young ventures in the Middle East. The company offers ride hailing services and was acquired by global ride hailing giant Uber. The Dubai-based service has now become the golden child of top startups in Dubai.

Gearing Startup Ecosystem in Dubai

Dubai is also called the land of opportunities. The industry supportive system and guidance of its wise leadership has helped many ventures flourish. There is no bar high for an enterprise that works hard and smart and Dubai is the perfect place for it. Top 10 startups in Dubai are just a highlight of the very excellent system in place. With its ever-evolving capabilities the city will surely host many more unicorns in the coming years. New successful startups in Dubai story might not be too far.


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