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The 11 Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Dubai
May 15, 2020 | By - Anmol Kapoor

The 11 Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Dubai

Dubai is known for a lot of things, and its ability to offer variety in all aspects. This ranges from top non-vegetarian and vegetarian restaurants in Dubai to adventure activities. Dubai is not only famous for local or regional Arabic cuisine, but also for best options from major cuisines across the world.

With all kinds of tourism booming in last few years, and globalization moving up the ladder, people now have more options to visit in terms of cities and countries, than ever. With all amenities well covered, food is where many travelers face an issue, especially if they are vegetarians. Arabic cuisine is well known for its non-vegetarian dishes, but Dubai covers up various delicacies for vegetarians as well, with many amazing vegetarian restaurants across many cuisines. These restaurants offer variety, so that vegetarian travelers don’t need to go on a far-fetched hunt for their share of lip-smacking delicacies in UAE.

Here are 11 of the best restaurants you can visit to enjoy a variety of vegetarian food in Dubai

1 Be Super Natural Kitchen

A calm and quaint corner joint in an otherwise busy and bustling Dubai Mall, this is a vegan spot that catches fancy of many vegetarians roaming in the Galleries Lafayette area of the mall. It lures customers with a wide range of fresh prepared juices and smoothies, that are packed with all the greens. These drinks are all about fruit, vegetables, and healthy protein. A small and compact menu makes it easy for the patrons to choose from. The place serves food which is free from dairy, meat, and harmful chemicals, hence the name Super Natural.

2 Wild & The Moon

This minimalistic cafe in Al Quoz is another great option for a vegetarian delight. Started by the cold-pressed juice company, it is a wonderful option for health-conscious people as well. Dishes on the menu range from gluten-free and vegan, to raw salads and juices, making it good on the ‘something for everyone’ idea. Vegetarian people can enjoy on delicacies made with tasty and healthy combinations such as Acai, granola, bananas, and more fresh fruits.

3 XVA Cafe

This cafe is a hidden gem located in the busy Al Fahidi streets, and is a perfect option for a nourishing lunch that offers freshness and goodness of plant power. It can offer patrons a unique, wholesome, and fullfilling touch with its own vegetarian take on Middle Eastern cuisine. You can relax in the courtyard under the shade, and enjoy delicious options from an expansive menu that covers all you could want. Delicacies on offer range from eggplant and cheese dishes to pumpkin kebbeh and beetroot kebabs.

4 Maharaja Bhog

If you fancy a little North Indian, Maharaja Bhog vegetarian restaurant in Dubai is your place to go. Dine in on savoury North Indian dishes that can engage your palette with everything from sweet to spicy. As the name suggests, you can enjoy the feel of dining like an emperor with the traditional touch on the cuisine. The restaurant offers options on everything from flatbreads and vegetable dishes to curries and rice. The best way to taste them all are ‘Thalis’, large plates with small portions of various veggies, lentils, and curries, to delight the vegetarian in you.

5 Saravana Bhavan

The list also has something amazing in store for those who wish for a healthy South Indian meal. Saravana Bhavan, one of the world’s largest vegetarian food chains, it has been in a habit of blending in tasty and healthy on a platter since many years. The options include staple South Indian dishes, and there are separate varieties for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Vegetarians can enjoy fresh steamed rice idlis, or wacky huge dosas with delicious sides of Sambhar and chutneys, that are light on both the stomach and the wallet.

6 Quattro

Quattro restaurant in Mankhool is an absolute delight for vegetarians who wish to explore what’s more on the platter. Quattro is well known for its molecular gastronomy techniques, and offers its own delicious take on vegetarian food that can tempt even the most committed non-vegetarians. Heavy on flavours, the dishes come in variety, from Mexican and Italian cuisines that are far away across the seas. Quattro offers lip-smacking options created with seasonal ingredients, creativity, and local items such as Mexican and Italian cheeses.

7 Veganity

A chic and casual eatery located in City Walk, it offers plant-based goodness in peace and comfort. The menu from one of the world’s largest vegan restaurant brims with over 200 tempting delicacies that are full of fresh and variegated flavours. Patrons can bake on culinary delights made with cashews, figs, breads, and veggies from around the world. These delights include vegan duck kimchi rice bowls, vegan frankfurter cheeze dawgs, fluffy cinnamon rolls, vegan basil pesto ricotta, and much more to take you to a food trip around the globe.

8 Carnival by Trèsind

This one is not an exclusively vegetarian restaurant, but still puts out some of the most amazing veggie flavours on the platter. Vegetarians on the look out for a high end spot to enjoy and make the most of a comfortable and delicious meal can head here. The eatery showcases variety at its best, with ingredients ranging from cottage cheese to mock meats. The place is a bright spot for the vegetarians to enjoy unique takes on vegetarian food in Dubai, such as baked cottage cheese pinwheels, garlic toasts and pie, and many more.

9 Comptoir 102

A plant based delight with a through and through vegetarian vibe, the next on the list offers a huge range of options on the menu. It specializes in specific creations, that include dairy-free, sugar-free, raw, vegan, gluten-free, and vegetarian items. The eatery takes pride in sourcing its produce from local organic farms, and menu is changed in different seasons, packed with seasonal produce for healthy options. A few regular listings include avocado crostinis, sprouts, and guacamole. For those with a sweet tooth, the menu also offers dairy-free ice creams and almond milk lattes.

10 Soul Santé Café

Tucked away in the Dubai Marina, this little cafe offers a natural and airy ambience to the patrons as they enjoy their choice of delectable vegetarian platters. The cafe focuses on food that’s a right mix of delicious and healthy, and jumps across cuisines for the best of vegetarianism. Dishes include falafel and rice combinations, protein packed pancakes, nutritious acai bowls, and flavoursome fruits.

11 Little Erth by Nabz&G

Last entry on the list, Little Erth is a busy, yet quaint joint in JLT, that can satisfy vegetarian cravings with fanciful varieties. The eatery takes a wholesome approach, putting nutritious food that hits the spot. The ingredients range from superseeds such as quinoa, healthy greens such as sauerkraut and lemongrass. A wide array of options covers dishes such as beet hummus, sweet potato fries, chia mousse cake, Penang curries, and more. Vegetarians can bask in the glory of these plant and green based dishes for a delicious and satisfying meal.

While there’s a lot more in Dubai for its vegetarian guests, these peas are some of the best in the vegetarian pods. A special call out to the non-vegetarians as well, ‘Guys! Try them!’, because they’re tasty. So what are you really waiting for? Pen down the list of restaurants and embrace the delicious meals like you do it as your favorite restaurants. Wishing all our vegetarian readers a lip-smacking meal ahead.


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