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Know all About Renting an Apartment in Dubai
July 31, 2020 | By - Anmol Kapoor

Know all About Renting an Apartment in Dubai

There is a lot to offer in terms of rented apartments in Dubai and living spaces, with options available for bachelors living alone and working or to a family. Renting an apartment in Dubai may seem like a simple task, but the only thing that makes it tough is the variety of choices available. If you are migrating, and want to rent an apartment in Dubai, the first thing you need to bring in order is ‘location of choice’. This is where the points below may help you sort out your need without much hassle.


What are my options?


Dubai is definitely a luxurious place in the world and comes with cost, but that doesn’t mean you can’t shift or afford living spaces here. When it comes to renting an apartment in Dubai, there is something for everyone. Factors like environment, location, area, facilities and more impact the price of rent and the city offers a plethora of areas at different price ranges. There are places categorised as per the budget in Emirate and will become your home away from home.


UAE is known for offering attractive salaries, but generally, salaries easily match the high cost of living. The average rent ranges between USD8,167 to USD13,612 (30,000 to 50,000 AED) per year for a studio apartment in Dubai. Without any surprise, one and two bedroom apartments range between USD19,000 to USD27,200 (70,000 to 100,000 AED). The costs are also dependant on areas, and you can find the type of apartments within your price range.


Apartment Type

High End Properties

Lower End Properties

One-Bedroom Apartment

USD26,320 (96,670 AED)

USD15,300 (56,200 AED)

Two-Bedroom Apartment

USD38,115 (140,000 AED)

USD21,510 (79,000 AED)

Three-Bedroom Apartment

USD51,725 (190,000AED)

USD28,585 (105,000 AED)

Studio Apartment

USD19,000 (70,000 AED)

USD27,200 (100,000 AED)


*These prices are not accurate, and are presented just to give you a reference of your probable spending.


What are the costs all about?


Well! Dubai rental contracts last for an year, favouring both landlord and tenant. Neither of you can break the lease without penalties, and it’s feasible to find furnished and unfurnished flats. But, be careful with service cost, utilities and Bills Payment.


Always remember, utilities are not included in rent and that need to be set up with the authority in your Emirate. Normally estimates for utilities costs from 136-163 USD (500-600 AED) per month. The fluctuation in prices are normal during the hottest months. Water and electricity utilities bills throughout the emirate can be paid online via UAE Bank or at a Kiosk machine. Renting through a real estate agent will call for some commission fee, nearly 5% of annual rent. A 5% advanced deposit also needs to be paid to the landlord. If there is also a ‘chiller charge’, it means that the air-conditioning is separately payable for. Apart from these, you may have, electricity, water, maintenance, and possibly other small charges depending upon various factors.


Where do I go to rent?


You cannot go door to door or building to building to ask people if they have apartments for rent in Dubai. You have to make quick online searches from, KT buzzon,,, etc. You can limit the listings as your need and filter the number of rooms, areas, furnished or unfurnished, and more.
When you are searching online, most of the answers are already provided by consultancy, real estate or landlords. The advertisers provides following information – 

  • Amount of rent
  • Number of cheque over a rental year
  • Security deposits (usually 5% of the rental amount)
  • Furnished or unfurnished
  • Availability of unit
  • When it can be visited?
  • Few more conditions depending on location and person


When looking for renting an apartment in Dubai, review the information mentioned on websites carefully and decide the best property based on your criteria. Get in touch with the contact person and set up a visit to see your potential new home. Next step comprises of exercising minute details when you visit and follow these points in mind – 


  • Check the nearest metro station or bus stop.
  • Security
  • How far it is from your place of work?
  • Gentry in residential area
  • Connect with neighbours and know the challenges they face
  • Look for facilities provided like gym, swimming pool, etc.
  • Parking facilities

How is rent paid?


After you are done viewing the unit, negotiate for rent and pay a security deposit i.e. 5% of rental amount. The preference must be asked beforehand like how the landlord would like the pay – cheque or cash, but if you hire an agent, your money will be held by the agent until the deal is finalised. Be alert and always ask a receipt for the deposit. If in any situation, the deal is cancelled, the agent rightfully hands over the cheque to you or shows you other apartments. Apart from a few exceptions, rent in Dubai is usually paid via cheque, and it is mostly in the manner of 2 or three cheques in the entire year.


Some specific laws necessary to follow when you are looking apartments for rent in Dubai – 


  • You have to provide your passport to the agent.
  • Copy of residence visa or you can submit original letter from your sponsor or for the company you are working.
  • Consult with the landlord before subletting to any person.


Dubai is a multi-cultural hub of commerce and business activities, and hosts people from around the world. The rent options in Dubai are well-sorted, processes hassle-free, and living spaces world-class as per rent standards. Start with listing out your requirements, and the area you want to live in, and try to keep your options open. If you are new to the city, we hope this info helps make your home-hunting a bit more convenient and hassle-free.


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