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Pop Culture Influence in Middle Eastern Countries
May 29, 2020 | By - Anany Johari

Pop Culture Influence in Middle Eastern Countries

Popular culture, or “Pop Culture” which escalated in this generation of baby boomers to millennials and centennials, refers to the customs and culture widely accepted and followed over by millions across the globe. There is a growing appetite to understand and contemplate the ever-lasting experiences of pop culture every day.

In the Middle East, Art, literature, fashion, entertainment and music, architecture and design, technology and games, comics and cosplays, are alive in every nook and corner of the land. Every one of these brings back a kaleidoscope of memories, all intertwined with one another through every middle eastern culture.

Comic-cons and fandom realities top the list of essential need-to-know of pop culture. From the year 2012, when the first comic-con was held in Dubai, it had become a ritual to host it every year. The Middle East comic-cons have always been a means for the highest entertainment buzzing events with all kinds of worldwide pop culture references.

Actors like Jason Momoa who starred in the DC epic in and as Aquaman, Anthony Mackie as Falcon from the MCU, Liam Cunningham who played the role of Davos Seaworth in the fantasy fiction Game Of Thrones, John David, Gillian Anderson and William Shatner are some of the notable personalities to show up at the fests facilitating Middle Eastern Pop Culture. 

How Pop Culture is seeped into Pan-Arabism?

The Middle East encompasses all of the factors with a magnificent excellence, drawing out the essence of every aspect with a hint of traditional touch. The new world of Arabic culture – rap and pop music, reality and talk shows are developing at a rate enough to cause a stir even in the religious dynamics of the Arab countries. This alone proves the kind of impact a sense of fandom reality can have for the people across the globe.  The premier fabrication of comics in the Middle East was in 1923. 

Gaming festivals like Yas Gaming provide a totally immersive experience  in combining cosplay, fun multiplayer tournaments and retro arcades, esports and virtual reality. While summoning players of all ages to clutch and game together and put their adroitness to the test.

Ranging from the gaming festivals, to popular cosplay and contemporary literature, pop culture has turned out to be the epitome of transcending values and notions and a fusion of culture and entertainment. This emerging pop-culture in the Middle East is undoubtedly the evolution of gaming society and comic-con fests. The Animania Bahrain is Bahrain’s largest event celebrating the Japanese animation (or, Anime) and graphic novels (or, Manga) acclaimed worldwide.

Middle East Film and Comic Con

The MEFCC (Middle East Film and Comic-con) is a conjectural fiction based on Science fiction and fantasy, in Television series and movies. This convention has turned out to be a topical cynosure which replicates almost all kinds of popular arts and elements. Be it horror or anime, or a superhero replica, MEFCC is the locus. It hosts previews of upcoming movies and series, comic books, panels of discussion, special talk shows. This event is usually hosted in Dubai, United Arab Emirates by the end of March. This is one of the largest in the Middle East region.

Star Academy

Star Academy, or Star Academy Arabia, pioneered by the LBCI and CBC, a pop-music television reality show that started in 2003 and is still ongoing with a season 9 is all set to encourage a group of wannabe pop singers selected from the Middle East by viewers who call in their votes at the end of each episode. A franchise of Star Academy similar to the concept of singing reality show ‘American Idol’ is hitting the charts with budding talented singers with the potential to become the future music sensations.

Warner Bros.

With about an area of 1.65 million square feet of area, the world’s largest theme park opened its arms to the world on July 25, 2018 in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. The theme park has been in-vogue for the pop culture and fandom reality fanatics. There are a variety of features  inside the park ranging from the Warner Bros’s franchises like the DC Comics, Looney Tunes, to the  Hanna-Barbera. There are upto thirty rides, and several different shops, shows and attractions constituting the zeal of the Warner Bros concept of the park. There are character meals at the Starlight Restaurant where one could grab a meal while spotting their favourite comic characters. 

IMG Worlds of Adventure 

IMG Worlds of Adventure, situated in Dubai, UAE and constructed by the IMG Group, is the world’s largest amusement park. The indoor adventure park has five “epic zones” inclusive of magnanimous brands like Cartoon Network and Marvel. IMG Boulevard and the Lost Valley – Dinosaur Adventure are the two ground-breaking fabrications by the IMG Group.

The fifth segment of the park is Novo Cinemas, inaugurated May 2015. The park is well-equipped with technological developments using sensors, and provides a full-fledged accommodation facility with a safe environment. Experience a roller-coaster ride alongside Cartoon and Marvel characters, with animatronic dinosaurs, bestowing a Disneyland to every single person who steps inside this park of wonders.

With the world emerging as a major fanatic with the unnerving capability to improvise and excel in comic-cons and fandom reality, pop culture has had its place in the Gulf region for a long time. From the leagues of the Starfleet Tricorder in the Star Trek, to the T-800 in the Terminator or the HAL-9000, to the gaming sensations like Counter Strike: Global Offensive and the Infinity Stones in the Marvel Cinematic Universe or the Iron Throne in the Game of Thrones, this culture has been budding in every single human being since.

With its vast reaching ends across the globe, fandom reality has been a true escape from the reality for some people. While others believe the ‘reel’ life more than the ‘real’ life, pop culture lies in the persona of the people.

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