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People unite Globally for Coronavirus Donations
April 2, 2020 | By - Anmol Kapoor

People unite Globally for Coronavirus Donations

Coronavirus Pandemic has forced nations around the world into complete or partial lockdowns, people who supported their daily meals with their daily wages are suffering the most. Governments are working round the clock to set up social welfare measures so that no one sleeps hungry. However, in times of crisis support from government is not enough and private companies and citizens have to come up for donations. 

Here are some Coronavirus donations by famous celebrities and corporates to step up the fight against COVID-19 pandemic and help needy-

Coronavirus donations by global leaders and celebrities

As the governments announce relief packages and medicare support plans, the rich, wealthy, and global organizations are also stepping in to help those in need during the Coronavirus crisis. People from all sectors such as economy, Hollywood, and the fashion world are filling up coffers of charity organizations and governments through their donations.

 Hollywood Stars donate for Coronavirus relief

Hollywood star Kylie Jenner donated USD 1 million towards relief efforts. Singers Rihanna and Shawn Mendes, Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively, and Arnold Schwarzenegger have also donated huge amounts to charities in the wake of the pandemic. Big names in the fashion industry such as LVMH, Richemont Group, Giorgio Armani, Hermès, Versace, Bulgari, and Dolce & Gabbana have already brought the donations from the fashion world to billions of dollars.

Donations from Global Sports Personalities

Tennis star Roger Federer announced more than USD1 million for helping vulnerable families. Football legends Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi have also announced equipment costing tens of thousands of dollars along with their donations.

Corporates donate for Coronavirus relief efforts 

Business tycoons from around the world were not behind, as companies like Facebook and Google announce donations and campaigns. Google-parent Alphabet has announced USD800 million in response to Coronavirus crisis. Bill Gates’ foundation has committed USD100 million to aid global detection and treatment. Amazon’s Jeff Bezos has announced USD20 million in an initiative, while also hiring people across US. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg’s foundation has also announced USD 100 million in grant aids. As the virus gets serious, big names including Donald Trump, Sheryl Sandberg, Renzo Rosso, Ren Zhengfei, and many other business-people continue to elongate the list with billions of dollars.

UAE’s humanitarians donate for COVID-19 relief efforts

Celebrities, businesses, entrepreneurs, and other big names from UAE have donated towards the relief efforts, and given manpower and equipment apart from monetary donations as well.

Charity organizations based in Dubai have donated a total of AED52 million towards efforts against Coronavirus. UAE’s TBHF has also pledged AED300,000 to support distance learning, among its other related initiatives.

 An Emirati family in UAE has donated AED5 million towards fight against the virus. UAE’s Dar Al Ber Society has also announced AED7 million contribution to Crisis and Disaster Fund. Another Emirati businessman, Khalaf Al Habtoor, announced donation of 50 ambulances, and a medically-equipped building to be used for quarantine purpose. UAE’s Easa Saleh Al Gurg Group has also donated AED13 million, while other philanthropists of Zarouni Group and Al Futtaim Group have donated AED10 million and AED100 million respectively.

 Businessman Abdul Rahim Al Zarooni, Chairman of the Board of Al Zarooni Group, announced the donation of AED10 million to support medicare. As the government continues to assist other nations’ leaderships, many individuals, families, and businesses have brought up donations in UAE amounting in billions.

 COVID-19 donations from India- Bollywood celebrities and corporates open their wallets

 Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is leading the country’s efforts with various measures, including the Prime Minister’s Citizen Assistance and Relief in Emergency Situations (PM-CARES) Fund.

Many people from common salaried employees to celebrities, enterprises, and business tycoons have channelled funds with donations on PM’s appeal to the country. Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar took a lead by donating AED250 million to the fund, followed by others from the cinema fraternity including Ayushman Khurana Salman Khan, Katrina Kaif, and Karan Johar stepping up.

Celebrities from cinema and sports world have also donated funds including Guru Randhawa, PV Sindhu, Sourav Ganguly, Virat Kohli, Mahendra Singh Dhoni, and many others, bringing up the fund by millions of rupees. Sports organizations such as BCCI, cricket association of Bengal and Maharashtra cricket association have also contributed to the fund.

Various businesses have also donated to the fund and other campaigns. PhonePe has launched an AED1 billion pledge campaign for donation, while Motilal Oswal has contributed AED50 million. Ratan Tata of the Tata conglomerate has committed INR5 billion in a donation towards relief efforts, while the Tata Sons have also announced AED 10 billion rupees to the same effect.

 Many arms and agencies of the government have also donated including Indian administrative services associations INR2.1 million donation and encouragement two members for donating one day salary. Various ministers and MLA including the President of India have also donated one month salary to the Prime Minister’s fund and the Chief Ministers funds as well.

As the world continues its fight against Coronavirus, funds will be needed at every corner. Generous donations are coming from every part of society but these funds will be needed round the clock to ensure support for everyone. While you are at home reading this blog donate something for the needy, the frontline workers or whoever you see suffering from impact of Coronavirus outbreak.


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