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Know more about 46th President and Vice President-elect of US
November 9, 2020 | By - Ankita

Know more about 46th President and Vice President-elect of US

The United States witnessed storming events in the past few months in 2020. Not just deadly Coroanvirus pandemic, but also Black Lives Matter Movement, anti-lockdown or Juneteenth protest shook the economy and country, as a whole. Recently, an ongoing buzz on internet and television network is ‘US Elections 2020’, which is actually going to define the future of US – the world’s most competitive and strong economy. If you closely notice or read the history of US – the country is a meddler in major countries and plays a key role in different sectors around the world.

By not getting distracted by other key roles of US worldwide, let’s elaborate about ‘US Elections 2020’ and political parties in America. Currently, at this political stage, two political parties dominate the era named as ‘ Democratic Party’ (Federalists) and ‘Republican Party’ (Jeffersonian Republicans) with other small political parties in the US.

The Democratic Party (Democrats)

The oldest political party in the world was founded in 1828 from fractions of Democratic-Republican Party. Its ideology is largely based on American liberalism and progressivism, which is also considered a centre-left party. As of today, this party has given 16 US President, including current President-elect Joe Biden. Additional, democrats include Barack Obama (2009 – 2017), Woodrow Wilson (1913 – 1921), Harry Truman (1945 – 1953), etc.

The Republican Party (Republicans)

The Republican Party is also referred to as ‘Grand Old Party’ (GOP) founded in 1854 by anti-slavery activists, modernizers, and ex-Wings. The ideology of the party is characterised by American conservatism, social conservatism, and economic liberalism. It came into power within six years of its inception in 1860, under the leadership of President Abraham Lincoln and the last President was President Donald Trump, who served term from 2017. Other Republicans featuring in the list include George W. Bush (2001 – 2009), Theodore Roosevelt (1901 – 1909), etc.

US Elections 2020 Result

This years election included nail-biting incident and suspense with Joe Biden reflecting calm attitude and Donald Trump, high on anxiety levels. US voters have embraced Democrat candidate Joe Biden and his promise of fighting Coronavirus pandemic while fixing the economy in a claimed ‘divided nation. Majority of US media outlets have already called US Presidential election results in the favour of Joe Biden and his running mate Kamala Harris.

7 November 2020 marked history when Joe Biden became the 46th President of United States, who has spent half a century in public life as US senator and then Vice-President under Donald Trump’s predecessor Barack Obama. Additionally, Kamala Harris became Vice President of US with ‘first’ in history running mate title as first woman, first Black American, and first American of Asian descent to serve as VP of the nation. But who really is Joe Biden? Who is the amusing personality and reflection honouring the title of POTUS. Let’s check out some details.

Who is Joe Biden?

US President-elect Joseph Robinette Jr. defeated incumbent Donald Trump by acquiring over 270 of 538 Electoral College votes required to succeed in White House. After announced as the winner, Biden campaign team made celebratory shouts, car horns, and festive music on the streets of Washington DC, which Americans had been waiting for to hear, from more than three days already. Similar ceremonies recorded in other cities across the country.

Personal – Biden is born in Scranton, Pennsylvania and raised in Delaware. He was one of the youngest candidates ever elected to the Senate, and before he took the office, his wife and daughter were killed while his two sons badly injured in a 1972 car crash. Biden developed a common man political persona because he used to commute every night on a train from Washington back to Wilmington and be in touch with his son, who died in 2015.

Biden also fashioned an every man political persona to go along with powerful Senate positions, including chairman of Senate Judiciary and Foreign Relations Committees. He holds a Law degree from Syracuse University and passed the exam in 1968.

Work – Do you know it is not Biden’s first presidential race, but he stood twice before in 1988 and 2008. Biden dropped in 1988 because his presidential campaign was done in by plagiarism allegations while his bid in 2008 was ended quietly without much support of people.

Before 2020, Biden tapped to become Barack Obama’s running mate, and he became a powerful Vice President, driving the administration’s outreach to both Capitol Hill and Iraq. Biden’s reputation burnished and by his time in office, deep friendship with Barack Obama, Biden stood aside for Clinton and opted not to run in 2016 after his adult son Beau Biden died due to brain cancer the year later.

This year victory is marked with support from different groups, including women, African-American, Indian-Americans, white voters with college degrees and city-dwellers. Biden has even broken record of Obama, received most number votes in 2020 election from different, regions and states, overall some 160 million people estimated to voted this year.

Who is Kamala Harris?

Kamala Devi Harris born on 20 October 1964 is a known American politician and attorney, who is now the Vice President-elect of United States of America. She will be welcomed in the US office alongside President-elect Joe Biden on 20 January 2021.

From the year 2017, Harris was serving as the Junior United States Senator from California, who is now the first Indian American and African American female Vice President of the country.

Harris defeated Loretta Sanchez in 2016 and was elected as the second African American and first Asian American woman to serve US Senate. She came into the limelight after she questioned and pointed Trump administration official during Senate hearing. She also questioned Trump’s second Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, who was initially accused of sexual assult.

Harris ran for 2020 Democratic Presidential nomination, however, ended her campaign on 3 December 2019. She was announced as Joe Biden’s running mate on 11 August 2020.

It was during May 2019, when senior members of Congressional Black Caucus endorsed the idea of Biden-Harris ticket. In early March of 2020, after Biden won a landslide victory on Super Tuesday, House whip Jim Clyburn suggested Biden choose a black woman as his running mate for Vice President. After his decision, media speculated the selection towards Kamala Harris where she responded that she will be honoured to serve the country.

In May 2020, during the COVID-19 lockdown, United States witnessed a sad and tragic death of black man George Floyd, that invited a huge protest in the nation to support and honour black people around the globe. On 12 June 2020, Harris was reportedly emerging as the frontrunner to Biden’s running mate as she was the only black woman with political experience, best suited for Vice President. Biden chose Harris as his running mate in August 2020 who is also the third woman after Geraldine Ferraro and Sarah Palino to be picked as Vice President nominee for the party ticket.

What did Donald Trump do during his tenure from 2017 till date?

The moment Joe Biden will take ‘oath of office of President of US’, tenure of 45th US President Donald Trump will be over. Trump was elected as President in 2017 against Hilary Clinton, and during his tenure, he made some big establishments while faced some backlashes too. Here are some lasting accomplishment from 2017 to now.

Trump reshaped the country’s federal judiciary and installed two Supreme Courts justices with 187 judges to the federal bench – all for lifetime appointments.

He established the sixth branch of US Armed forced – ‘Space Force’. This was the first military service since the US Air Force was created in 1947.

During four years of his presidency, Trump’s signature legislative achievement remains a Republican tax bill that made sweeping changes to tax code – ‘Tax Cits and Jobs Act’. This law was considered as the biggest overhaul to nation’s tax code in three decades.

The mentioned achievements are few in numbers, but there are many more accomplishments with failure, which need to be acknowledged before casting any vote.

Ending note

Just the idea of defeating Donald Trump was not just a wide dream, but a successful journey of strong Democrat Joe Biden and his running mate Kamala Harris. The path is set, and eyes are glued to Biden. Only time will tell if Biden will be able to set the remarkable journey to transform United States or if it is all just a cloudy dream of hope. As Biden quotes, “Have Faith!” is what all Americans will rely on during the tenure of Biden-Harris.


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