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How COVID-19 pandemic evolved the idea of remote work? Major challenges & benefits of ‘work from hom
August 24, 2020 | By - Neelam Motwani

How COVID-19 pandemic evolved the idea of remote work? Major challenges & benefits of ‘work from hom

When people welcomed 2020, they aimed to touch the dawn of new hope and restart their life with an exciting approach towards better growth. However, the year led to the direction exactly opposite to what we all expected. The world that we know changed forever after World Health Organization (WHO) declared Coronavirus as a global pandemic in March 2020. 

After the world witnessed a traumatising situation with increasing number of cases, nationwide lockdowns resulted in economic fallout. The lockdowns also forced the employees to work from home. This was a different approach to remote working. While many employers suffered a huge impact in terms of revenues, many are enjoying the benefits of same.

Let’s pen down some of the advantages first.

Top 10 Advantages of Working from Home

  • Adaptable schedule

You can take breaks at any second, feel no race to hang up on your relatives when they call and have lunch at any strange time you need.

  • Custom condition

Set up your commotion level only the manner in which you need it — somewhere close to madly calm to being at the first row of a Lady Gaga show. Also, in case you’re aware of your workspace ergonomics, you can make a more grounded cadence for your workflows.

  • Comfortable clothes

You get the chance to wear warm-up pants from school with the letters stripping off, or tights when working. Your companions don’t have any say or means to comment on your comfort level.

  • It’s simpler to make calls

You won’t need to scramble to discover a meeting room or manage an especially effusive collaborator. (In fact, children and pets at home can make this extreme for some remote workers.)

  • No office interruptions

Maintain a strategic distance from collaborators discussing the benefits of cryptographic money, alarms howling outside your window, the AC kicking in as you conceal your icicle tears.

  • Set aside cash

Lunch is costly on the off chance that you work in a city or downtown. At home, you can spare a huge sum by strategic store shopping and by planning your food binges.

  • Disregard groups and traffic

No stuffing yourself into a ramshackle transportation tube, having individuals scrape your new shoes, or strolling behind excruciatingly moderate individuals who evidently don’t have a clue what a straight line is.

  • Additional time with friends and family

Deal with a wiped out noteworthy other at home, be prepared for your children before in the day, get some additional cuddles in with your doggo, or essentially get some peaceful opportunity to yourself!

What is the fate of work and what will be the difficulties it hurls?

The eventual fate of work will be more remote, advanced, advantageous, and even more secure. COVID-19 is the gas that has fuelled the workplace projects, approaches, and methodology that existed, however, weren’t generally embraced, for example, remote work, worker help and virtual learning.

To start with, numerous remote workers will keep on working remotely in a post-COVID workplace since they favour it, it sets aside their organization’s cash, takes into consideration adaptability and abbreviates drive time. The ascent in remote work, joined with the impacts of the pandemic and downturn, will harmonize with individuals moving to less expensive, less thick areas.

Second, workplaces will be carefully changed — from applications and robots that will clean offices, book meeting rooms and perform a significant number of the undertakings that low-gifted workers did pre-COVID. Organizations are putting more cash in mechanization during this pandemic since incomes are down, yet the expense of work is high. Simultaneously, there is as yet an abilities hole, with a huge number of unfilled, high-gifted employments.

Third, pre-COVID, a huge number of individuals all around were experiencing psychological wellness conditions, which have been aggravated as a symptom of the pandemic. Social removing, self-confinement, burnout, diminished hours, leaves and employment misfortune are seriously affecting workers’ psychological well-being.

At last, security at workplace will be basic. The post-COVID office will have some significant highlights like hand sanitiser, veils, robots that sterilize rooms, infection testing units, social separating in gathering rooms and lifts, and shut office plans.

Why work from home is the eventual fate of effective organizations?

There are a few reasons why working from home is quickly picking up force. The pattern isn’t confined to only us. Insights from Europe and creating economies of Asia additionally mirror that working from home is the eventual fate of business, pay, and riches age. In fact, Statista report shows that Work From home is here to stay for a longer time.

  • Representative profitability

Profitability levels of work from home representatives positioned at 7.7 while that of office-bound staff remained at 6.5 on a size of 10, as indicated by a recent report by Canada life. The investigation referred to three principle purposes behind higher profitability among home-based workers over their office going partners.

Naturally, home-based workers had generally lower feelings of anxiety since they didn’t have to drive day by day. Disposal of drives empowers loosened up ways of life bringing about better personal satisfaction.

  • Lessening staff wearing down

Allowing representatives to work from home has indicated magnificent outcomes in ability maintenance and lower staff steady loss. This is a significant bit of leeway that businesses are currently looking at. single guardians just as exceptionally talented experts who can’t drive day by day can be held by extending to work from home employment opportunities.

  • Drawing in better ability

As rivalry in all parts of the business builds, organizations are confronting expanding troubles in pulling in brilliant ability. Profoundly qualified and talented work force are generally reluctant to migrate. recruiting locally demonstrates hard if a particular arrangement of aptitudes required by an association are inaccessible.

In such a situation, organisations can pull in better ability by extending work from home or work-from-home employment opportunities. Remote working makes it feasible for associations to source ability from any far-off area inside or outside the nation.

To Conclude

There are a few different reasons why work from home is the future pattern. blossoming land costs renders it outlandish in any event, for enormous partnerships to open offices in various areas. Giving work-from-home offices goes around such interests regarding money related responsibilities and labour.



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