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Just Sul: How An Average Indian Man Rose To Fame with Short Videos
February 10, 2021 | By - Raghav Gupta

Just Sul: How An Average Indian Man Rose To Fame with Short Videos

Instagram star Just Sul shot to great fame in 2020 as people binged over his videos and content during COVID-19 lockdown. The Indian comedian is known for recreating looks of many celebrities including Kylie Jenner and Justin Bieber. On an average, his Instagram videos garner over a million views. While people may not know Just Sul name, most people recognise him by face due to his popularity in US, UK, India, and the Middle East.

If you wish to know more about him, we will help you get insights about his life through this blog.

The off-beat creator hails from a town in India and is a Mechanical Engineer by profession.

Let’s cover some more facts about the artist in this blog, namely-

  • Just Sul Real Name
  • Just Sul Family
  • How Just Sul Shot to Fame?
  • Net Worth of Just Sul

Just Sul’s backbone ‘Just Said’ helps him go through everything and can be considered the most important part of his internet journey. He is Sul’s friend who motivated him to make comedy videos. Just Said also writes content scripts and channelises different revenue aspects for the creator.

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What is Just Sul Real Name? 

Real name of Just Sul is Shantinath Sul. He is originally from Solapur, India. Sul did not live his childhood in limelight. He was just an average guy working as a mechanical engineer in an African country. It was only after his initial videos on Vine, he got a fan following. As his popularity rose, Just Sul’s videos became more interesting and he went ahead with creating more content. To get better visibility and connectivity with the global audience, Sul moved to Dubai where he is living now.

Just Sul Family 

Just Sul

There is no information about Just Sul marrying anyone but that does not seems to stop the audience from wondering about Just Sul wife. Sul’s parents lived in Solapur, his native town, until his father’s death in December 2020. It is now believed that Sul’s mother lives  with him in Dubai.

Said Ahmad a.k.a Just Said, the dear friend of Just Sul is also like family to him and Sul has often referred to him as his ‘life’ in many videos. Said’s obsession with Indian culture and the international hip hop culture made him bond more with Sul who came from a general Indian background without much knowledge of the outside world. Both Sul and Said have also been described as ‘brothers’ by some creators.

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How Just Sul Shot to Fame? 

Just Sul

First let’s see who is Just Sul,

He was born on 1 June 1969. He moved to Lusaka, Zambia to work with his father’s friend. He lived there for almost 17 years before moving to Dubai to work more in the entertainment side of digital industry. The engineer created his first funny video on Vine on 24 April 2015. In over 6 six years, Just Sul name has garnered millions of views on his social media channels and currently has more than 6.2 million followers on Instagram.

The comedian is famous for his celebrity parodies. Some of his famous works include parodies of Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, dressing up like The Weeknd and Cardie B. Just Sul has also collaborated with a number of hollywood celebrities including SnoopDogg, Akon, Ludacris, and Waka Flocka Flame. DJ Khaled and Tyga have also worked with Sul on some projects.

Net Worth of Just Sul 

Just Sul has successfully made himself a personal brand with his extraordinary efforts and creativity. According to reports, he charges over USD100,000 for a short commercial on Instagram and the fees only increases if you look for other intense partnerships with him. Just Said, his creative arm has also proved his worth in raising net worth of Just Sul. Collectively both creators are valued at over USD10 million of which Sul alone makes USD7 million.

How Just Sul Earns Money? 

Just Sul earlier used to work as a Mechanical Engineer and his salary was the only source of income for him. After he started making entertaining videos, Sul’s earnings have jumped up rapidly. He often promotes several products on his social media and charges businesses for that. Sul also charges hefty amount for interviews. Just Sul also earns from YouTube platform income.

In 2018, Just Sul was invited by Indian singer Kanika Kapoor for dinner during his brief India trip. He also met some entertainment managers from Bollywood, signaling an upcoming partnership with someone from Bollywood.

Just Sul and the Future 

Just Sul

In near future more people might know about who is just sul as the comedian’s popularity climbs. Sul will always be known for recreating celebrity pictures and poses. Many followers of these celebrities have also become fans of Sul and have started following him. With reports citing a possible Bollywood collaboration, the future might be brighter than expected for the dynamic artist.

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