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International Women’s Day: Women’s Role in Different Regions of the World
March 3, 2021 | By - Neelam Motwani

International Women’s Day: Women’s Role in Different Regions of the World

Evolution: A theory that not only explains the magical process of transforming from wild species to human beings, but the term beautifully explains the journey of a WOMAN who is continuously changing and adapting to different circumstances of the world. Species might have evolved completely, but a WOMAN is still evolving to achieve great wonders and success that was once seen as a DREAM. 


But before celebrating their achievements and evolution, how about understanding women’s role in different regions of the world from caretakers in the tribal region to the Entrepreneurs in the Urban version of the planet.

International Women’s Day

While many western countries have seen women in major active roles like fighting against gender discrimination and pay parity, in some other parts of the world the story is different. Women living in less developed countries are still fighting for basic human rights where they are still forced to adhere to stereotypical roles inside the four walls of their house. 

Women and the World

In few countries, where access to education is not a lifestyle but a mandatory cycle while growing up, many women in developing countries are still hesitant to challenge men in their house, determined by their cultural restrictions and outdated traditions. Sadly, every region in this world has pre-determined roles for women. But the good news is, women are now fighting against centuries-old traditions and breaking every possible barrier to enjoy the same opportunities as men, but facing stiff social resistance to be on par with their counterparts.

As we celebrate International Women’s Day on 8 March, let us have a look at how different parts of the world are shaping the roles of women.

  • Middle East Society

Women in the Middle East, and especially the United Arab Emirates, are granted the same training and responsibilities as their male counterparts. They play a major role in humanitarian and peacekeeping operations. 

International Women’s Day


Emirati women have now reached senior ranks within UAE armed forces. Personalities like Her Highness Sheikha Fatima bint Mubarak, Her Excellencies, Ohood Al Roumi, Noura Al Kaabi, Mariam Al Mansouri, Reem Al Hashimi, are making headlines for leading UAE’s mission to gender equality, innovation, peace, knowledge, and security in the country.

  • Western Societies

Countries like the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Europe, and Australia have come a long way when it comes to gender equality in the past century. The change in role of women in society from homemaker to a successful role model changed dramatically. Now any career path is an option for women in western countries. Women are now elected to lead the nation.

International Women’s Day


One great example of the same is Vice-President of the United States Kamala Harris and New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern. Women now enjoy the same rights as men including things like education access, right to vote, and gender pay gap too. To name a few countries like Iceland, Norway, Estonia, and Sweden have replaced maternity leave with paternity leave, which is a more gender neutral policy.

However, the basic rights of women in western countries are not necessarily basic freedom in other parts of the world.

  • Remote Tribal Communities

When we talk about tribal communities, they face unlikely conditions as they are restricted to the ancient roles that women are expected to play. Tribal areas like Northern Africa are bound to follow traditional roles. Men, on the other hand, are trained in the tribal region to be a warrior. Women often share their husband with a large gap between their older spouse and young women.


Extreme body modification is quite a common ritual in the community, especially in places like Papua New Guinea.

  • Developing Nations

A ray of hope and progress can be seen in developing countries where women are gaining more freedom while they face a long uphill challenge in areas like Asia, Africa, and South America. In developing countries, the lack of access to education is still an issue as women account for two-thirds of the world’s illiterate population. In developing countries, where even if a woman is working-class they still have to take care of daily house chores and care for children at the same time.


Cultural instances like arranged marriages, child brides, and early pregnancies is often a complication due to lack of knowledge and medical treatment in developing countries. Sexual and physical violence against women is quite common in developing countries while poverty in these nations is striking in new highs as women have fewer opportunities to explore in this region.

  • Matriarchal Society

The Matriarchal society is quite different from the rest of the world, as women are known to be in charge there! As a matter of fact, many scholars believe that originally women were considered as high priestesses. It was sometime around 3,000 BC, the power shifted from women to men. Wonder Women, for instance, is an absolute reference to the same.


The tradition is followed by a Chinese ethnic group, Mosuo, where children take their mother’s last name and the valuables are passed on to the next generation through the female side of the family. A similar culture is followed by Bribri of Costa Rica, Nagovisi of New Guinea, and Garo of North East India.

Global Role of Women

Throughout history, women have ensured the progress, stability, and development of nations. Women, notably working mothers play a significant role in decision-making about family and their welfare including preserving child nutrition and health.

Women are now emerging stronger than ever amid COVID-19 pandemic when they took charge of the society as caretakers, educators, workforce, and global volunteers to make planet Earth a better place to live. It becomes a primary responsibility of citizens of the world to appreciate every woman and their contribution to every industry in the world. After all, it is they who carry the burden to reproduce and give this world remarkable leaders and innovators. AlShorts, a news platform, gives all major news and bulletins highlighting the struggle and success of women from different parts of the world. 


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