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International Day of Happiness: What Can You Do To Spread Happiness?
March 20, 2021 | By - Neelam Motwani

International Day of Happiness: What Can You Do To Spread Happiness?

If there is one thing everyone learned during the COVID-19 pandemic, it is: World needs more peace, more happiness, and more love. With people around the world losing lives to COVID-19 and millions still fighting with the COVID-19 virus, there is suffering that must be eased, there are things that must be righted. If you read news every day and wish that someone could just step in and make this world a happy place, well there is! This International Day of Happiness, the job of making this planet a happier place to live lies among us! People have to make this world a better place, a happy place, and a peaceful place.

5 Simple Ways to Spread Happiness Around You

When hearing of suicidal news or COVID-19 miseries, the mighty activist among us wakes up with an anger that rides the need of talking about REAL things, even if you feel that you are chained in a cage. Any and every person can be a force for good and a force of happiness. All it takes is to realize that you have it in you! So let’s pen down some basics! Basics of creating more happiness in this world. That’s when everyone can truly celebrate the International Day of Happiness.

  • Know Your Neighbours


International Day of Happiness

Do you know your neighbours? Do they know you? Well, it might seem like a petty gesture but knowing your neighbours can help you spread more happiness in this world. Since you share a similar aura of the environment with your neighbour, you will have a lot to talk about. You never know, one small compliment by you can really melt their heart. 

Who knows they might be an extra piece of chocolate that you really love, but apparently not your thy neighbours. Knowing your neighbours also helps in expanding the vibe of your home that can transform within seconds, depending on the approach of a neighbour. So why not be nice to them? Try to know your neighbours more closely this year.

  • Plant a Flower Garden


International Day of Happiness

Did you know a flower garden helps in better focus and memory? This reason is enough to push you from the bed and plant some flowers in your garden. Even if you plant some flowers in a pot on your apartment balcony, it will surely bring a positive vibe to your lifestyle. Don’t forget to add the flowers to your weekend list. Look out for a nursery in your area, and get as many colourful flowers as you can.

  • Conserve Water


International Day of Happiness

You might like long showers after a long hectic day at work. But a long shower is what you need? As the world is already facing a drastic scarcity of water and other natural resources, how about doing something better for Planet Earth? You can avoid leaving the water running when washing your hands or brushing your teeth. 

It might seem like a small task which, you might think, will not make a huge difference. But what if thousands or millions of people get inspired by you, and start following the same? Will that not make the world a better place? 

  • Show your smile and compassion


International Day of Happiness

Sometimes a smile is all it takes! Believe it or not, every smile is beautiful. If you are smiling at a person with a whiny face, your smile might just melt their mood! A smile can do wonders! In fact, many people browse for videos of cute babies laughing and smiling on digital platforms just to make their day a little better. So why not you be on the other side where you spread happiness to the world with your smile. 

  • Show Empathy


International Day of Happiness

It’s quite simpler to judge people and make fun of their miseries. But showing empathy and keeping oneself in others’ shoes help in creating a broader perspective about others. Showing empathy to others, understanding their miseries, and supporting others even with a small gesture definitely makes this world a happier place. Especially amid COVID-19 pandemic, it is important for citizens of the world to empathise with each other as it makes it easier to fight the struggle. 

So what will be your initiative this International Day of Happiness? Charity begins at home, and so does happiness! If we want to be happy, we must put the initiative to make others happy too. Seems like a classic and ordinary way to spread happiness in such confusion and tension, but basics is what was needed, is needed, and will need in the future too!


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