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How Coronavirus affects people with Diabetes, Cancer, and other conditions
April 18, 2020 | By - Anmol Kapoor

How Coronavirus affects people with Diabetes, Cancer, and other conditions

Coronavirus has brought almost all the world to a standstill, spreading at a rapid rate, causing many deaths of healthy people and of those with pre-existing health conditions. A respiratory virus it affects certain groups of people more than the others. Various detailed studies and researches, along with spread patterns have shown that people most vulnerable to the virus include, the elderly, children, and people with pre-existing health conditions. 

How does Coronavirus affect people with diabetes, cancer, and other ailments?


People with diabetes are at an increased risk of developing varied complications due to Coronavirus. Diabetes depreciates body’s immune system. Diabetes is related to insulin levels, which are directly related to blood sugar levels. An increase or decrease in blood sugar has a direct impact on immunity, which is the wall or body’s mechanism to fight the virus and its effects. People suffering from diabetes should not only focus on staying safe from the virus, but should also take care of maintaining their blood sugar levels to keep their immunity intact.

Heart conditions

Statistics depict a negative trajectory for people with heart conditions amid Coronavirus outbreak. Even their fatality rates are high. Data of death tally from China shows that patients with cardiovascular diseases were a majority. The COVID-19 virus basically enters the lungs and cuts off the normal oxygen supply, causing respiratory issues. In such cases, the heart has to work harder to maintain blood and oxygen flow. If pre-existing heart conditions or previous heart attacks have made the heart weak, it becomes more susceptible to failure and lead to death due to complications.

Lung Conditions

Lung conditions like Asthama cause the airways to narrow by swelling up and producing extra mucous. This causes issues like shortness of breath, coughing, and wheezing. In case of Asthma and other such lung conditions, Coronavirus might have a severe effect. It can cause blockage of airflow to lungs, causing wheezing, irregular breathing, and in extreme conditions, death. People with lung conditions should consult their doctors on ways to keep pre-existing symptoms to a minimum, and focus on staying clear of the COVID-19 virus hotspots.


People suffering from cancer have generally poorer overall health and lower immunity. Numbers have shown that people with cancer had the highest mortality rate. Those who are receiving chemotherapy can also be similarly susceptible. Many chemotherapy medicines can target and deplete the body’s immune system, by neutropnia, which damages white blood cells. Also, cancer patients receiving bone marrow transplants have got their cancerous stem cells replace with new ones, which may be more at risk of an infection. People with any stage of cancer, regardless of whether they are receiving treatment or not, should always take extra precautions relating to hygiene and sanitation in a bid to reduce risk of infection.

Hypertension and Chronic respiratory diseases

Patients suffering from issues such as high blood pressure and chronic respiratory diseases can see elevated symptoms if they contract the Coronavirus infection. These could include irregular blood flow and blood pressure, causing a variety of issues such as nausea, weakness, breathing problems, and damage to the blood circulation system. Such patients should try to maintain their blood pressure and keep any symptoms in control by taking medical advice from their doctors.

The virus can affect everyone, but people with any kind of pre-existing conditions are advised to practice extra caution. The Coronavirus can be deadly in case it is coupled with other health issues, and such problems and risks can be averted by staying healthy, exercising, yoga, eating a balanced meal, and practicing all preventive measures as advised by health experts.


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