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Highlights from Indian PM Narendra Modi’s address on 3 April
April 3, 2020 | By - Vaidehi Singh

Highlights from Indian PM Narendra Modi’s address on 3 April

India’s Prime Minister addressed the country on 3 April 2020 amid the twenty-one-day lockdown period. This is his second address within a week since the beginning of the nation-wide lockdown. Citizens looked forward to this address in anticipation of what it will bring for the countrymen.

Till date India has reported more than 2000 Coronavirus positive cases with 53 calamities registered. It reported record over 400 cases in the last 24-hours. Let’s recap PM Modi’s speech for the citizens.

Know key highlights from PM Modi’s message to India:

  • With India entering the ninth day of Coronavirus lockdown, he lauded efforts and strictness people have been following during this difficult time.
  • He recalled the 22 March 2020 event of ‘5 Baje 5 Minute’, with all countrymen uniting for this one moment to thank those in the frontline of Coronavirus.
  • One important announcement was made by India’s Prime Minister Modi. He asked 1.30 billion people residing in the country to once again unite for another movement. He urged the nation to switch off lights and stand in their balcony at 9 pm (IST) on 5 April for just 9 minutes.
  • He asked people to light candles or use mobile flashlights and spend these 9 minutes respecting this lockdown as it will break the chain of social distancing.
  • PM Modi also urged the nation to ensure social distancing as it is one of the key practices to stay away from this virus.
  • He quoted, “There is no bigger force than our spirits. Let’s fight Coronavirus together”.

The PM’s first video address had something new for the nation. Another movement led by PM Modi was placed in front of the country ‘9 Baje 9 Minute’. Prior to this, India’s PM held a meeting on 2 April 2020 with the country’s Chief Ministers on the current Coronavirus situation via video-conferencing.  



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