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Fun Ways To Safely Celebrate Christmas At Home This Year
December 22, 2020 | By - Anmol Kapoor

Fun Ways To Safely Celebrate Christmas At Home This Year

As the Coronavirus pandemic rages on for over a year, people around the world have been forced to stay home under various kinds of restrictions. The pandemic hasn’t subsided yet, and will cast its shadow over Christmas, one of the most widely celebrated holidays worldwide.

As governments worldwide plan curfews, lockdowns, and other restrictions for Christmas and the holiday season, there are many ways people can enjoy the festivities in new ways at home. While you are enjoying a cup of coffee on your comfortable couch and reading short news in 30 seconds, make sure you pen down some fun ways to celebrate Christmas at home.

Experts are also urging people to celebrate at home, people are also coming up with unique and innovative ways to celebrate Christmas at home. Holidays can’t be cancelled, and people can celebrate with immediate family or friends in the household while staying at home with them, or virtually if they live alone or are quarantined. Here are a few ways you can celebrate Christmas in quarantine or at home.

Create New Traditions

If the whole family can’t get together, people can find new group activities to engage in with the immediate family or friends. If you’re with friends or roommates, you can swap family traditions and activities for Christmas, and have new ones if you’re with families such as playing cards or other indoor games. If you’re alone, you can connect with them virtually, and even play multiplayer games online!

Engage In Cooking!

Try out new recipes from your wish list, and since there are no huge gatherings, try your hand at multiple dishes with small portions. Apart from dishes which take large amounts of time and effort such as Turkey, you can try your hand at drinks and beverages like cocktails, eggnog, hot cocoa and many others. You can also enjoy Christmas at a virtual hangout where all the family members can cook and relish different dishes in the safety of their own homes.

Order In Your Favourite Food

If you can’t cook, you can simply order in, and enjoy comfort food and a relaxing drink along with a great movie or a fun game. For those who are totally alone, this can be a great idea if they do not wish to attend virtual gatherings. You can cozy up in your room and enjoy a video game, a book, a film, or any other activity along with wholesome and tasty food ordered from your favourite place tocelebrate Christmas in quarantine. But make sure, you follow all social distancing protocols while accepting delivered food.

Organise Huge Virtual Hangout

If the holiday cheer feels missing, there’s nothing more for raising holiday spirits than seeing familiar faces of your loved ones. If you are alone for the holidays and want to do something big, throw a huge Christmas event on video-conference, and enjoy with the entire family. Get a list and plan activities, decide prerequisites and rules, and then send out e-invites with all the details for an evening full of warmth and fun, even though you are quarantined on Christmas.

Indulge In Decorations

No matter alone or with family, it is always amazing to decorate your place for Christmas. You can spend a little amount to buy festive decor and a small Christmas tree for your place. You can bring a Christmas tree and spend time decorating it for a good festive atmosphere. You can also bring scented candles and holiday-themed clothes for your home and your loved ones. If you have plants, you can also decorate them with decoration lights and other confetti-related items. You can also make cards and send them to your loved ones, basing them on Christmas theme, and also include a small gift along with them as well.

Help Other People!

If you are in one of the places where restrictions are lesser than a complete lockdown, you can go and help other people who are in need. Wear a mask, take your sanitizer, and go out to volunteer! Of course as per the rules announced by authorities. Helping people is an age-old tradition, and people organize and volunteer at soup kitchens, local food banks, or homeless shelters to spend quality time during Christmas festivals. You can also venture out and help the needy to make the most out of your Christmas celebration in quarantine or alone.

Think of Something New!

Technology has helped a lot in closing huge gaps of the distance between us, and sometimes many may even forget that they are far apart during an interaction. From long phone calls to zoom and skype games, there’s a lot you can do to make your time engaging if you are out of ideas on how to spend Christmas in quarantine. You can try fun group activities such as scavenger hunts, video-games, puzzles, or go over to apps like Tik-Tok or Instagram for inventive family-games.

If Allowed, Catch-Up With Neighbours!

If you can get a permit to celebrate Christmas in your residential colony or society, make the most of it with your neighbours! You can enjoy a barbeque in an open space such as a garden or a park in the society premises. Make sure that all precautions and regulations are followed and enjoy food and drinks out in the open, and long conversations with a bonfire to keep you warm. You can serve food and drinks and work with your neighbours to manage food and party music.


In the end, it all comes down to staying connected with others and feeling good by making the most out of the festival. There are many more ways apart from this list which you can try to do so, and no matter what the scenario is, you should stay happy for Christmas in lockdown or other restrictions. If you are quarantined for Christma s or are with immediate family, you can use these ways to make the most out of the Christmas cheers. If you are looking for buying or creating a Christmas card online, here’s the list of apps you can explore.


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