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Famous Mosques in Dubai that a non-Muslim can visit
May 11, 2020 | By - Raghav Gupta

Famous Mosques in Dubai that a non-Muslim can visit

Dubai is home to some of the most peaceful and culturally diverse communities in the world. Even with the growing expatriate population, the city is predominantly Islamic. It houses some of the most beautiful and spectacular mosques in the world. There are some famous mosques in Dubai that all can visit. 

Mosques, also known as ‘Masjid’ are a place of worship. UAE is among the few countries that permits the entry of non-followers in Mosques and other religious places. The country even marked 2019 as the ‘Year of Tolerance’ wherein they emphasized on increasing religious and cultural tolerance among diversities. Brotherhood and peace is the epitome of UAE and Dubai is no different. The city welcomes people of all faiths to visit the famous masjids in Dubai. Guided mosque tours in Dubai are the best way to visit these iconic places and understand the local culture.

Mosque tours for non-Muslims in Dubai

Jumeirah Mosque 

Considered as one of the most beautiful mosques in UAE, Jumeirah Mosque is the most famous mosque in Dubai. It is an excellent example of Islamic architecture. Its detailed architecture and design are built on lines of Cairo’s Al Azhar Mosque. Jumeirah Mosque’s architecture is more glorified in the evening. The lights and the fluorescent marble shine makes it a photographic location and hence it is one of the most photographed mosques in UAE.

Jumeirah Mosque is undoubtedly the most popular mosque in Dubai. Apart from Dubai’s magnificent architecture, tourists look forward to visiting the mosque. Different communities come together at the mosque to shine a light on tolerance values in UAE. Jumeirah Mosque is also culturally important for the region as a lot of people come to the place of worship and are inspired by it and the visual beauty of Islamic artefacts.

Al Farooq Omar Bin Al Khattab Mosque

Al Farooq Omar Bin Al Khattab Mosque in Dubai is not as grand in architecture as the Jumeirah Mosque yet holds significance for upholding Islamic traditions and teachings for years in the country. The mosque was built in 1988 after which it saw expansion in 2003. It was then demolished in 2010 and a completely new structure of the Al Farooq Omar Bin Al Khattab Mosque was erected in 2011. Every year, millions of visitors come to visit Dubai’s famous masjid and get awestruck by its cultural importance and beauty.

An architectural and spiritual masterpiece, the mosque relates all to the glorious history of Islam. It also shares the rich Islamic culture with the outside world with its ancient styled architecture and Islamic beautification. There is also a library on mosque premises that houses Islamic teachings.

Things to remember while visiting mosques

Many tourists who come to Dubai, may be visiting mosques for the first time. There are some common practices which one should keep in mind while visiting masjids in Dubai and other places. Dubai and other Emirates in UAE are very strict about respecting every religion. They have also set up a village that will soon house the Middle East’s first temple, a church, mosque, gurudwara, and other houses of worship in the same neighbourhood. This step shows the tolerance value which the country expects everyone to follow. 

Here are a few guidelines that you should keep in mind while visiting mosques-

  1. Dress with modesty– Men and Women both visiting mosques should cover their bodies completely so that their legs, shoulders, or any other part other than face and palms are not exposed to the world.
  2. Conceal you tattoos– Tattoos are prohibited in Islam. If you have a visible tattoo that could be exposed, then make sure it is covered all the time during your visit to a mosque or any religious place.
  3. DO NOT take prohibited items inside mosquesFood, drinks, alcohol, cigarettes, and lighters are strictly prohibited inside mosques and should not be taken inside at any cost. UAE authorities are very strict with rules and regulations and any attempt to sneak prohibited items to land you in trouble.
  4. You cannot wear shoes inside mosques– You cannot wear shoes while touring mosques. However, if you feel discomfort walking barefoot you may wear socks.
  5. DO NOT disrespect any faith– This is one of the most important guidelines a person should keep in mind while visiting mosques. You should not disrespect any faith or point objectively towards anything or anyone. Disrespect to any community or faith is considered as a serious offence in Dubai.

UAE is one of the most amazing places in the world where you can experience a mixed culture. Due credit should be given to UAE authorities for creating a world of tolerance. The country supports every effort to make people happy and tries not to hurt the feelings of any other human being. Have a nice trip to Dubai and enjoy the marvellous architecture of the place.


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