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Dubai Food Festival 2020: A Melting Pot of Culture and Flavour
February 25, 2020 | By - Nisha Joshi

Dubai Food Festival 2020: A Melting Pot of Culture and Flavour

Food! Any Emirati’s favourite festival or event revolves around food. The one big event people of Emirates eagerly await is the Dubai Food Festival. All the expats, nationals, and even tourists flocking to Dubai for the food fest, consider themselves gourmands.

They expect best food, innovative cooking styles, and exotic produce for their picking. Organized by ‘Dubai Festivals and Retail Establishment’ (DFRE), the 18-day festival will host events like Etisalat Beach Canteen, Dubai Restaurant Week, and Hidden Gems and Foodie Experiences.

This gastronomic domination will be further fueled with the world-class street food, beach-eats, cheese-fest, coffee surplus among others. So, let’s dig in and check out the best of Dubai Food Festival 2020.

Here are details of Dubai Food Festival 2020:

The Dates

The Dubai Food Festival dates are 26 February 2020 – 14 March 2020. The weather in Dubai is perfect to enjoy outdoor barbeque, late-night fine dining, or explore several of Dubai’s hidden culinary gems, that come to life during the festival.

The Venue

The Dubai Food Festival is being hosted across the city. Yet, there are a few hotspots where the key events are held. They are: Etisalat Beach, Dubai Mall, Dubai Media City Amphitheatre, Jumeirah Beach Residence and Festival City Mall are some of them.

The Chefs

The Dubai Food Festival will welcome Internationally renowned Michelin star chef, Vineet Bhatia, Dubai’s much-loved culinary duo Nick Alvis and Scott Price, meat & grilling expert Tarek Ibrahim, Arabic & Alepine cuisine expert Mohammad Orfal, Gourmet Chef Jenny Morris, star chef Reza Mahammad, and Ayesha Al Obeidli the youngest Emirati Chef.

The Events

There are going to be a kaleidoscope of events at the Dubai Food Festival. Ranging from the exclusive, to the budget friendly, from fine dining to street food extravaganzas. Some of them are mentioned below:

Dubai Restaurant Week

35 Restaurants from all across the city jump at the opportunity to welcome guests and share sample signature dishes at the most affordable rates. A golden opportunity for gourmet lovers as Prices is heaven sent. They range, with lunch prices starting from AED75, and dinner from AED150.

Hidden Gems

One can experience incredible authentic tastes and a vibrant atmosphere at pocket-friendly prices only with Hidden Gems at Dubai Food Festival 2020.

Foodies across Dubai get a chance to vote and select 10 best Hidden Gems eateries of Dubai. The winner will be announced on March 14. Prices are often reduced and are yet to be declared.

Taste of Dubai

Held from 12 to 14 March 2020 at the Dubai Media City Amphitheatre, ‘Taste of Dubai’ offers visitors tips and tricks from celebrity chefs, experience, and participate in live cooking, and savor culinary wonders.

For the first time, there shall be an exclusive ‘Outdoor Ladies Night’ in UAE on Thursday, 12 March 2020 with free entry!

Jumeirah Beach Canteen

A visitor favorite, Jumeirah beach canteen showcases some of Dubai’s best food concepts. The pop-up event will also feature entertainment and a dedicated family area. A key highlight of Dubai Food Festival 2020, JBC is a must visit destination.

There you have it folks! For the next 2 weeks; forget all worries and indulge yourself in gourmet delicacies at Dubai Food Festival 2020. Dubai in itself is a cultural melting pot, this event just sweetens the deal.

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