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Dubai Facts 2020: A tale of amazing trivia that Emirates offers
August 7, 2020 | By - Ankita

Dubai Facts 2020: A tale of amazing trivia that Emirates offers

Are you planning to travel to Dubai and want to know all about the Emirates before landing? If yes, then understand that Dubai is a city and part of seven Emirates in UAE. The tech-savvy city is filled with amazing tourist stops and destinations that will amaze you with wonders in every corner. First of all, let’s know a little more about Dubai, the Emirate that is known for luxury shopping, modern architecture, and a lively nightlife.

Real estate and tourism drives the economy of Dubai and there is a never-ending development of innovations and sustainable projects. There’s so much you can learn about this city as it holds vibrancy, excitement and comfort. To worry, here are some of Dubai’s interesting facts and information.

Interesting Facts About Dubai

1. Dubai doesn’t impose taxes

One of the most interesting facts about Dubai is currently the city has no income tax that means you can earn your salary 100% tax free. There are other taxes UAE imposes like on foreign banks, oil companies, food, etc. So, you can enjoy your income without paying any additional tax.

2. Till 1960, Dubai didn’t have basic infrastructure

Today Dubai is the most high-tech city in the world and global business centre, but most of the people are not aware that half of the century ago Dubai was nothing where it stands now. The father of the present ruler of Dubai HH Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum started his reign in 1958 without electricity and infrastructure.

3. Enjoy the Tallest Building in the World, ‘Burj Khalifa’

Burj Khalifa

Dubai is a hub for tallest skyscrapers and biggest structures in the world and to name a few ‘Burj Khalifa’ – world’s tallest building, Dubai Mall – world’s largest mall, Dubai Marina – world’s second-largest man-made marina and more in the list. This certainly explains how many millions of tourists are attracted to Dubai.

4. 83% of Dubai’s population is immigrants

If you don’t know about Dubai’s population then write a note about it that 83% of the population consists of mixed communities, including Pakistan, Bangladesh, India and the Philippines. Most of the immigrants hold blue-collared jobs – mostly labourers and workers who work at construction sites.

5. Zero Debt Tolerance

Not only Dubai but entire Emirates states in UAE are strict to laws and legislations while Dubai doesn’t allow debt. More importantly, residents of Dubai are forbidden strictly to incur debt if they cannot pay. Such action leads to legal action and can be put behind bars.

6. Graveyard for Luxury Cars

Cars in Dubai

Nobody will believe that Dubai has a graveyard or you can call it a junkyard where thousands of luxury cars are abandoned. This is because most of the expats panicked to escape tough debt laws. Under the Sharia law, which is followed in the entire Middle East, non-payment of debt is a criminal offence. There are no bankruptcy laws in UAE and nobody can find protection for those missing debt either, not even if it’s intentional.

7. Dubai Police has a Fleet of Supercars

Imagine, you are walking on a road and all your luxury cars drive in front of you, Dubai is famous for luxury cars, including Lamborghinis, Ferraris, Aston Martins and Bentleys while all for Dubai police, having its own fleet of luxuriously fast cars.

8. Dubailand’ is Expected to Become Largest Tourist Destinations in Dubai

Dubai Land

UAE has launched various strategies to expand digital innovation across countries and these interesting Dubai facts for kids include ‘Dubailand’. It will be twice the size of Disneyland in Florida while expected to be the largest tourist destination by 2020. The project aims to attract tourists, which contributes majorly in their economy.

9. You can Witness Robot Camel Racing

Camel Riding

National sports like every other nation have, Dubai have somewhat different and offers camel racing handled by robots. Considering the size of camels only kids can participate in racing and to eradicate past problems of illegal trafficking of kids, Emirate introduced child-sized robots. The robots cost around USD300 to USD10,000.

10. There’s been no Standard Address System

The Emirate has a very different structure and to address that they have no standard address system in place for a long time. The standard address, zip codes and other systems were introduced in Dubai following the rapid growth and development. The problem of no uniform address system is acknowledged today and becoming part of world Expo 2020.

11. Dubai has a 99.1% Crime Solving Rate

Imagine a place without any problem and cases though one in a blue moon criminal cases are recorded otherwise Dubai reports 99.1 criminal solving rates. That makes zero per cent, all thanks to non-tolerance in law violations while bringing perpetrators of crimes to justice.

12. They have Air-conditioned Bus Stops and Beaches

Dubai Bus Stand


Looking after the community and citizens what leaders of Dubai and UAE are doing past from its development and it adds air-conditioned bus stops and beaches. These air-conditioned buses were installed in 2006 and till now there are 2,700 bus stops and out of them 636 are air-conditioning. So, people can bear the heat waves and temperature that crosses 40 degrees.

13. 50 Square Foot Climate-controlled Indoor City Built from Scratch

Dubai Smart City


Complexity and technology are what Dubai is made of and Dubai walks way beyond your imagination and that adds 50 million square feet of urban centre. The centre is a climate and temperature controlled environment, which is inspired by London’s Oxford Street to New York’s Broadway. Including all at one place covered with massive domes.

14. Oil Sales only Contribute 6% to Dubai’s Economy

Surprisingly, the oil sector contributes only 6% of Dubai’s economy and the main of the economy is based on real-estate and tourism. Meanwhile, it is said Dubai produces between 50,000 to 70,000 barrels per day that is roughly 11,000 cubic metres and can fill 4.4 Olympic swimming pools.

15. Palm Island used 94 Million Cubic Metres of Sand

Very less know that to construct Palm Islands the Emirate used 94 million cubic metres of sand and that can fill up New York’s Empire State Buildings. It is one of the audacious projects shaped in palm-tree like Palm Jumeirah and considered the eighth wonder of the world.

Final Note

These are just a few facts about Dubai we have mentioned but there various other unknown facts that offer and appreciate the diverse culture. A small desert within 50 years showed miraculous development and these Dubai facts of tourism will make you visit a place more and more. Moreover, they are adopting artificial intelligence and blockchain technology that changes the complete outlook and functioning of different organisations. KUDOS to all those efforts and initiatives that made Dubai.

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