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Dubai 2040 Urban Master Plan: New plan to help Dubai grow into global city for the future
March 17, 2021 | By - Neelam Motwani

Dubai 2040 Urban Master Plan: New plan to help Dubai grow into global city for the future

The Future of Dubai Sustainable Urban Development is already here! A comprehensive plan that pays out the development was launched by the Ruler of Dubai His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum on 13 March 2021. He unveiled the Dubai 2040 Master Plan that aims to transform Dubai into an inter-connected Emirate that will lead the balance between community tourism with a punch of modern twist on nature and heritage of Dubai.

Dubai Urban Plan 2040


The next two decades will play a significant role for Dubai as the population is expected to increase to 5.8 million ensuring that the Emirate will become the best city to live in across the globe.

What is the Urban Master Plan?

Since 1960, Dubai 2040 will be the seventh of its kind plan to be implemented in the Emirate. It will focus on expanding the city space while focusing on developing existing urban areas of the city. The main highlights of the master plan include: 

  • Development of five major urban areas of Dubai
  • Increasing space for health and educational facility of 25% in the next 20 years
  • Expanding tourism and hotel industry areas by 134% by 2040
  • Commercial, economic, and industrial areas to be increased to 168 square kilometres
  • Public beaches length to increase to as much as 4005
  • Nature reserves and areas of Dubai must comprise 60% of the land
  • 55% of Dubai’s population must live within 1 km area of public transport station like RTA bus stands, metro stations, and tram

Dubai 2040 Urban Master Plan will help in raising life quality while swelling the population densities. Dubai 2040 plan is not limited just to the physical execution, rather will support sustainable development in Dubai. After a successful attempt of Hope Probe entering Mars orbit, UAE indeed became an elite nation to recall development in every industrial sector. 

Aim of Dubai 2040 Urban Master Plan

Dubai is already a paradise on the planet Earth. Dubai 2040 Master Plan will make Dubai ‘the best city to live in from every perspective possible, as quoted by the Ruler of Dubai.


Dubai Urban Plan 2040

Some of the key priorities of the plan include efficient use of resources while developing a vibrant and sustainable environment for the people to live in a healthy atmosphere. It does not end there. The master plan will focus on flexible means of mobility where residents and visitors can really focus on better productivity while the city takes care of their commute issues. 

What are the five major zones of the Master Plan?

Development and investment on the master plan will be majorly focused on five main urban areas that will carry its own theme supporting economic growth in Dubai. The five major areas will enhance lifestyle facilities catering to various sections of the population. The existing three areas will be revitalised while the Emirate will focus on developing two new areas. 

Dubai Urban Plan

  • Heritage and Traditional Site

The existing urban centres are Bur Dubai and Deira as it highlights Dubai’s heritage and tradition. 

  • Financial & Business Site

The financial heart that will also be the highlight of the plan includes Business Bay and Downtown. 

  • Leisure & Hospitality Centre

JBR and Dubai Marina, on the other hand, will be included in the leisure and hospitality centre that will also be serving as a major hub to international tourism and leisure activities.

  • New Centers

Expo 2020 Centre will be one of the new centres that will introduce affordable housing schemes. The site will majorly focus on the exhibitions, logistics, and tourism sector.

Dubai Silicon Oasis will also introduce a news site that will be highlighted as the knowledge, science and technology hub in the Emirate. It will drive the digital economy and innovation to foster more development and talent.

Hierarchy in the plan

To execute the Dubai 2040 Urban Master Plan, several communities living in Dubai will be defined in the plan considering their population and available facilities that will majorly depend on the large areas as well: 

  • Towns: Five towns will be built in every five urban areas that will accommodate a 1-1.5 million population.
  • Multi-sector: This region will house a population between 400,000-300,000
  • Sector: Population index of between 125,000-70,000
  • District: Accommodating population of 30,000-20,000
  • Neighbourhood: To house a population between 4,000-2,000

What To Look For?

Dubai 2040 Urban Master Plan is not just about sustainable development of the Emirate, rather it will bring change in the community as well. At one place where people are excited to unfold each treasure of the development as it executes, some are still looking forward to more updates on the same. Keep reading AlShorts, short news in 30 seconds as we update you on the latest updates around Dubai 2040 plan and other bulletins around Dubai and the world.


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