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Coronavirus warning: Global tourism industry takes damage
March 22, 2020 | By - Raghav Gupta

Coronavirus warning: Global tourism industry takes damage

Are you looking forward to visiting your dream destination? Think its finally time to pack your bags and just go away? 

NO! We suggest you think about it once again as it might not the right time to visit any destinations on the world map at least. Coronavirus outbreak has unleashed a new demon on the global tourism industry.

Tourists have developed a negative sense for some places which were very popular in their peak time. With many countries imposing travel bans and visa restrictions, tourism and travel have been affected the most. 

Here are some popularTourist Destinations which have been Affected the most


Southeast Asia’s leading tourism destination Malaysia is experiencing a sudden fall in the number of tourists. Kuala Lumpur, Langkawi, and Singapore are some of Malaysia’s thrilling tourist spots that have been affected by global Coronavirus outbreak. Singapore has recorded a 52% decline in the number of tourists who visit the country for cruise experiences. With Diamond Princess Cruise fiasco amid Coronavirus crisis and Grand Princess infections creating panic, there is not much left of the industry as of now.


Top tourist destination in the Middle East, United Arab Emirates is among the first countries that took swift preventive actions against Coronavirus outbreak by encouraging testing and giving more priority to its healthcare sector. Tourist arrival has been restricted from some European countries due to the Coronavirus outbreak.

Not much fall in the number of tourists to the country has been reported but the absolute numbers are destined to fall as almost every country on globe struggles with the Coronavirus outbreak. 

South Korea

South Korea was amongst the first countries that reported Coronavirus cases outside China. The country mostly hosted technological tourism and is among the best destinations in East Asia. Many countries have imposed restrictions on travel to and from South Korea in the wake of Coronavirus outbreak. South Korea, which is home to Samsung and other top technological giants is expected to lose a lot due to the Coronavirus restrictions.


World Health Organization has termed Europe as new epicentre of the Coronavirus outbreak. Italy has reported a record number of positive cases. The country’s death toll from Coronavirus is expected to cross that of China where Coronavirus outbreak originated.

Tourism, which was a major source of earning for Italy has been affected the most. Government has put the entire country on lockdown to contain the outbreak that has killed more than 2,500 people in the country. 


German government is undertaking emergency measures to bring back its citizens that are stranded overseas due to Coronavirus outbreak. Germany is among top three countries in Europe that have been affected most by the outbreak.

Munich, Berlin, and Frankfurt which are tourism hubs of the country have been put on lockdown to curb virus spread. Tourism is not expected to recover before second half of 2021 as the country struggles to contain outbreak and protect lives.


World’s largest economy and global superpower United States of America too is not untouched by Coronavirus. More than 100 people have died in the country from Coronavirus infection. President Donald Trump has declared the outbreak as a national emergency allowing states to take emergency measures.

Many global airlines have already cut flights to Europe and other destinations due to travel ban and restrictions. Tourism numbers have started falling and the downward trend is expected to continue for a while.


Canada’s first lady has tested positive for novel Coronavirus infection. Tourism in the country has also been affected badly due to global outbreak of the disease. Arrivals from many European nations and China have stopped due to preventive measures placed by Canada’s government.


India is known for its heritage tourism. The country has blocked entry of foreign nationals as a part of its preventive measures. It has severely impacted tourism sector of the country. Confirmed Coronavirus cases in India have crossed 300 infections and a rise could further damage the market. 


Diamond Princess cruise ship hiatus has left Japan’s image shattered in tourism world. Tourist arrivals to the country have stopped and Japan is now struggling to contain virus outbreak at its home. Citizens are being asked to self-quarantine themselves to stay clear of the infection as authorities test large numbers every day.


Australia has imposed mandatory home quarantine for all arrivals. Tourism to popular destinations in Australia like Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne has gone into the dark.

The country has faced back to back disasters in 2020, from dealing with wild bushfires to losing tourism revenue, things are getting harder for Australia every day.

Australia based Qantas Airline has cut its international operations by 90% as the country faces one the toughest period in history.

Tourism around the globe is taking a hit, tourists and government all are concerned about safety. Coronavirus has been termed a threat by government authorities of many countries including USA and Australia.

Tourism sector is not expected to recover anytime soon and popular destinations will stay closed as long as the outbreak is not contained. Still, want to make a trip? Consider contacting Elon Musk for a space trip without any risk of a pandemic.


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