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Prince Philip, Beloved Husband of Queen Elizabeth, laid to rest
April 15, 2021 | By - Nazeem Beegum Rahuman

Prince Philip, Beloved Husband of Queen Elizabeth, laid to rest

Britain is in mourning. Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, devoted husband of reigning Queen Elizabeth II, died on April 9 at Windsor Castle, two months before his 100th birthday. The state mourning lasted until, and including, the day of the funeral service on 17 April. Flags across the country, and at official British buildings across the world, were flown at half-mast. It continued till a day after Prince Philip’s funeral, which was held in an eco-friendly manner: a befitting tribute to the royal, who introduced climate change topics before the world.

He left a void in my life: Queen Elizabeth II


Prince Philip was the longest-serving royal consort in British history. Perhaps, a royal who never got tired of playing second fiddle to his wife, a Queen. Once he had remarked in private,” I am nothing but a bloody amoeba. I am the only man in the country not allowed to give his name to his children.”

Prince Philip

But he was as popular as Queen Elizabeth, and the British population, mainly those who are obsessed with the British monarchy, are feeling a void after his death.

The Queen has described the death of the Duke of Edinburgh as “having left a huge void in her life”, her son the Duke of York has said. “It is with deep sorrow that Her Majesty The Queen announces the death of her beloved husband,” The Buckingham Palace said in its statement.

Prince Philip passed away when everybody was preparing for a quiet 100th birthday for the former Greece-Denmark royal heir, who was born on 10 June 1921 at the Greek island of Corfu. His grandfather was the King of Greece, and his mother was a great-granddaughter of Queen Victoria.

Prince Philip


Philip, who abandoned his Greek and Danish royal titles, had adopted the surname Mountbatten from his mother’s family before his marriage. He became a naturalised British subject in March 1947 when the then ‘Princess Elizabeth’ fell in love with him. He got married to Elizabeth on 20 November 1947. A day before the wedding, King George VI bestowed the title ‘Royal Highness’ on him, and on the wedding day, he was announced as Duke of Edinburgh.

A Timeline of Prince Philip’s Final Days

Prince Philip



  •  Prince Philip’s first major medical emergency was reported on 3 April 2018 when he was admitted to King Edward VII’s Hospital for a planned hip replacement surgery.
  • At 97, Philip was involved in a car crash on 17 January 2019.
  •  Then in 2019, Philip stayed at King Edward VII’s Hospital and received treatment for a “pre-existing condition” from 20 to 24 December.
  • On 9 January 2021, both Philip and the Queen were vaccinated against Covid-19
  • On 16 February, Philip was admitted to King Edward VII’s Hospital after feeling unwell
  • On 1 March 2021, Philip was shifted to St Bartholomew’s Hospital for a pre-existing infection
  • On March 3 he underwent a successful procedure for his heart condition
  • On March 5 he was transferred back to King Edward VII’s Hospital
  • On March 16 he was discharged from the hospital

How did Prince Philip die?

Prince Philip


The reason for Prince Philip’s death is yet to be disclosed by the Royal family. However, soon after his death, Buckingham Palace released a statement saying, “Prince Philip died peacefully.” Prince Philip was in and out of the hospital and had spent 28 days in the hospital this year. The funeral, which will be televised to the world, is scheduled to take place at St George’s Chapel, Windsor on 17 April.

Covid-19 Protocol for the Royal Funeral of Prince Philip

Prince Philip


Prince Philip was reported to have requested a funeral of minimal fuss and will not lie in state – where members of the public would have been able to view his coffin. His desire to have a quiet funeral seems to have been fulfilled, thanks to precautions put in place to fight against coronavirus pandemic in the country. Besides, none of the family members wore military uniforms which is a norm for royal deaths.

Members of the public were asked not to try to attend any of the funeral events, in line with public health advice. The same guidelines were issued for the funeral of the Duke of Edinburgh. The Royal Family had also asked people not to leave flowers and tributes at Royal residences.

  • Only 30 people except the clergy can attend the funeral at St George’s Chapel, Windsor
  • The Queen’s four children and their partners will attend the ceremony
  •  Prince Philip’s eight grandchildren will be there too
  • Prince William’s wife, Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, will certainly be in attendance
  • Prince Harry has flown over from the US, but wife Meghan Markle was advised against travelling


Prince Philip

The palace has given a befitting funeral to the green warrior, marking an the end of an era. The Land Rover that had been arranged to carry his coffin is hybrid electric, while the insides of coffin were lined with organic cotton and jute.

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