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10 Most Popular Adventure Sports In Dubai For Holidays
May 27, 2020 | By - Anany Johari

10 Most Popular Adventure Sports In Dubai For Holidays

Dubai, the land with a stupefying infrastructure and cosmopolitan culture. The emirate also is one of the popular travel destinations on the across the globe. The land houses the most exotic locations with one hand tied up with the desert, and the other one with the alluring views of the beaches. With all the enthusiasm, one spending their vacations for the best adventure sports in Dubai is undeniably worth it.
Tourism and foreign investments escalations have had a noteworthy impact on the lifestyle of the region. The adventure sports to do in Dubai is another enticing attraction for which people touch-down on this magnanimous location with the best amenities in the world. Dubai also harbours the world’s tallest building, i.e. the Burj Khalifa. 

Here is a list of the most thrilling adventure sports in Dubai: 


For a place like Dubai which is full of skyscrapers, Bungee Jumping is a sport one could never knock-back to. One jumps from a tall edifice to free-fall and be suspended by a rope/an elastic cord. This activity is one of the best adventure sports in Dubai.

Ever thought about free-falling from the world’s tallest building?

Gravity Zone, as the name suggests, is the first permanent bungee jumping experience zone in Burj Khalifa’s premises. With the mesmerizing views of the building and the beaches, bungee jumping between the skies and the seas will be one memorable experience. 


Dubai can also make you experience a thrilling affair of flying and surfing simultaneously. For the best of both, Flyboarding is the place. Dubai being a blend of the desert as well as the sea, brings you an amphibious cross-over at just AED 300. This Hydro water sports adventure is a must whenever one visits Dubai.


With artistic views of the architecture and bewitching sights of the seas, challenge your Acrophobia by hopping off a Sky-Dive Dubai plane and falling-free from a height of about 15,000 feet. Feel the current of air nudging your soul, as you fly at a velocity as fast as 200 kilometres per hour. The exotic location is near Jumeirah beach at approximately AED 2000.

Being humans and living on the lands might not provide one with the outright experiences of life. Encounter the aesthetic marine life and dwell in the clean waters of Dubai and get insights about the corals and the deep sea lives and the organisms. Here, Atlantis-The Palm hosts this top adventure water sports in Dubai throughout the year for about AED 250.

Dubai beholding the enticing views of the desert, tenders a thrill of quad bike riding in the tough terrains of the golden-brown desert sands. One can also gel-up their Safari Tours with their ATV backpacks to have a wholesome experience of the sand dunes of the United Arab Emirates. This experience takes about 4-6 hours in totality to wander around the desert areas. 


With the thrilling views of the seas and the skyscrapers, Dubai also is situated in contact with the desert. One may. It is a thrilling experience to slide and glide down the sand dunes of the city’s deserts. One of the top places to do snowboarding is the tallest sand dune of Dubai, Al Hamer, which is 100-meters high. The minimum age to enjoy this sport is 13 years. 


This is the first water park which opened its doors in the soil of Dubai and one of the best till date. The site is neighbours with Burj Al Arab, with splendid views of the place. All the adventure rides, like the wave pool, lazy river, etc. are a must if one visits Dubai. The place also consists of a kids section with several different activities. There are a variety of bars, restaurants and cafes for the visitors. 


Being a world record holder, Dubai’s zipline is the world’s longest. With 1800 feet above the Dubai Fountains a person can zipline at about 60-70 kilometres per hour. One can get comprehensive and captivating views of the city. This activity is situated at the Dubai Mall, near the Dubai Fountain and costs about AED 600 for one trip each. 


With adventures arriving at the perils of one’s life, Dubai offers one of the most intriguing experiences to have a face-off with the deadliest predators of the water. Dubai Mall gives out an opportunity to be inside a tank and come across a shark face to face. The activity costs about AED 750 for certified divers and AED 1150 for uncertified ones. 


Established in the year 2016, situated in the ‘heart of Dubai’, is the very first indoor theme park with state-of-the-art amenities and entertainment, is the IMG Worlds of Adventure. The area sprawls about 1.5 million square feet of amusement park is a must visit for live shows, compelling rides, fascinating movies and appetizing food varieties. The place is a paradise for DC, Marvel, Disney and much more. The tickets for the general admission are AED 258.
Dubai always has been on the pinnacle of development when it comes to infrastructure, market coverage, and lifestyle. With redefining the “luxuries” of the world, Dubai is a one-stop locus for all the thrills with a hands-on experience of a lifetime. While being known for its gigantic and panoramic infrastructure, Dubai’s has attracted tourists from around the world.

To pat on the adventure side and add a throb to your heart rate, Dubai’s extreme sports is a home to many adventure aspirants. Dubai can surprise you in many different ways. All you need to do is step up and pen down all the sports activities you wish to witness in the region. 


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