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10 Easy Ways to Save the Environment
June 5, 2020 | By - Anany Johari

10 Easy Ways to Save the Environment

Nature has always been an essential component of our lives, the environment in which we co-exist and survive. The exhilaration one experiences when they are in Mother Nature’s arms, yet in these alarming times nature calls for a cry. The splendour of nature has invariably been seraphic and serene. On this look-out, the United Nations fabricated and designed the World Environment Day which is hosted each year on June 5. This day intrinsically educates human beings around the world to conserve the environment.

This day is crucial for spreading and propagating awareness to conserve nature and protect the environment.

Here are 10 tips one might employ to play their part in conserving the environment:

1. 3R’s- Reduce, Reuse, Recycle- These 3R’s are the fundamentals to preserve the environment through eco-friendly methods. To Reduce the amount of waste generation. To Reuse the items more than once before discarding them. To Recycle anything which can be utilized to manufacture a new product.
2. Clean your neighbourhood- Pollution is a major issue in today’s world. One may plan as many “Cleaning Drives” in their neighbourhood as they can. A clean surrounding is a must for a safer environment.
3. Water Conservation- Water is a pivotal entity of our lives. With the growing population and only 2.5 percent of the fresh drinking water available, water is extensively used in almost everything in our day to day lives. Conservation of water is essential to existence. Save water while washing dishes, cars, bathing. Rainwater Harvesting is a proven solution to conserve the water.
4. Plant a tree- With the oxygen we breathe and the food we procure from the flora and fauna. Trees are a true saviour of the environment. With urbanization and deforestation, many trees have been chopped off, resulting in global warming and lack of fresh breathable air. One must pledge to plant at least one tree per week, or on a daily basis. Run campaigns to preserve further deforestation and plant more trees.
5. Avoid Plastics- Plastics are a widespread commodity used by almost everyone around the world. In today’s life, plastics are inevitable. One must reduce the usage of plastic materials and must recycle the items instead of throwing them away. As plastics take hundreds of years to dissociate within the soil, it is not advised to throw away plastics.
6. Conserve Natural Resources- Natural resources are a gift from Mother Nature. Preservation of these resources is paramount. For resources like coal and petroleum being endangered and non-renewable, survival is a challenge otherwise. Use renewable forms of energy that might substitute the usage of natural resources, and may not harm the environment.
7. Energy Conservation- With the upheaving requirements and survival instincts of humans, energy conservation has been avoided to some extent. Conservation of electricity plays a crucial role to save the environment. Use alternatives for coal and petroleum, as the gases emitted by combustion, deplete the ozone layer and increase pollution. 
8. Safeguarding Biodiversity– With the inflation in human population, flora and fauna have widespread impacts in the world. Many species have faced extinction due to the tampering of nature and environment. It is crucial to preserve the wildlings to maintain an ecological balance on the planet.
9. Waste Segregation- Separating the waste in terms of recyclability and reusability is a measure one can take. Without waste segregation, untreatable emission may get disposed of into the water harming aquatic life. Plastics and metals are recyclable whereas wood articles are reusable and biodegradable.
10. Spread awareness in the community- Community awareness is a must to conserve the environment. Educating people about nature and ways to preserve it could help on a large scale. One person indeed makes a difference, a community will have a huge leap and impact on the conservation of nature.
World Environment Day 2020 is hosted with a theme of “Celebrate Biodiversity”.  With a vast amount of species around the planet, and the majority of them facing extinction and endangerment. This environmental day marks the essentiality of these in numerous species and their importance of existence. The planet Earth’s existential marine, terrestrial and amphibian organisms behold the true meaning of Biodiversity. Connecting ecosystems on all fronts and their coexistence are the balance of the environment.

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