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Looking for Luxury Villas in Dubai? Here’s all you need to know
February 3, 2021 | By - Raghav Gupta

Looking for Luxury Villas in Dubai? Here’s all you need to know

Everyone has dreamed of owning an expensive house in Dubai but only a few could realize their dreams. With realty prices skyrocketing in the emirate, owning a house has become difficult than ever. But it does not cost to know more about luxury villas for sale in Dubai. Good knowledge about new villas in Dubai can also help you find the right home in the magical city.

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Luxury Villas in Dubai

Dubai is a city of luxury with architectural marvels always in sight, no matter which corner of the city you are in. Whether it is Burj khalifa apartments for rent or buying a house on Palm Islands, these marvels continue to fascinate everyone with their beauty and brilliance. Houses in Dubai are also designed keeping in mind the international standards and design expectations of buyers. However, sometimes these super fascinating designs can get very expensive.

Most Expensive Apartment in Dubai 

  • Palm Jumeirah Beachfront Palace – Dhs200 million
  • Mansion in Emirates Hill – Dhs130 million
  • Dubai Marina Penthouse – Dhs125 million
  • Villa on Palm Jumeirah – Dhs115 million
  • 7-Bed Penthouse in Burj Khalifa – Dhs100.8 million
  • Golf Villa in Dubai Hills – Dhs98 million
  • XXII Carat Club Villa on Palm Jumeirah – Dhs92 million
  • Mansion in District One – Dhs87 million
  • Modern Arabic Mansion in District One – Dhs87 million
  • Signature Villa on Palm Jumeirah – Dhs82.5 million

Luxury Villas in Dubai 

Luxury Villas in Dubai

Almost all high-end properties in Dubai provide a distinct feeling of peace and luxury amid the hustle and bustle of a fast-moving city. Many of these luxury houses in Dubai come with facilities like private swimming pools, sauna, garden, bonfire space, and much more. The most expensive apartment in Dubai, the Palm Jumeirah Beachfront Palace comes with a lavish cinema room, private gym, spa, indoor and outdoor pool, and grand entertainment spaces among other facilities.

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Luxury Villas in Dubai

Luxury houses in Dubai are all about comfort and grandeur. A penthouse at Dubai Marina comes with 5+ terraces. Once you enter these properties, you will not remember, UAE was once a desert. These rich properties also come with their own staff that keeps them well maintained and shining all the time. You can also watch majestic scenes of sunrise and sunset from villas on Palm Jumeriah and flats in Burj Khalifa. Some villas on Palm Jumeriah also come with private beaches and beautiful views of the ocean.

Flat in Burj Khalifa 

Luxury Villas in Dubai

A 7-bed penthouse in Burj Khalifa redefines the luxury of living in Dubai. This iconic flat in the world’s tallest building comes with a built-up area of 21,000 sq. ft. For Dhs100 million you can enjoy living in a building that has a shopping mall, cinema, offices, hotels, and other complexes. Once in, you do not need to go out for any basic reason. These flats are super competitive with luxury villas for sale in Dubai. One day rent of flat in Burj Khalifa also goes into millions with people lining up to live the experience.

Burj Khalifa Total Number of Flats 

There are over 900 flats in Burj Khalifa. The world’s tallest tower has residential properties including studios, one, two, three, and four-bedroom units. It also has ultra-luxury five and seven-bedroom apartment units that are designed in a way that allows only owners to access the floor. Studio apartment rate in Burj Khalifa starts from Dhs 1 million and can go up to Dhs 6 million. Most people buy apartments in Burj Khalifa for rental reasons as the income from rent is high and the value of these properties are mostly on the rise. You can easily find Burj khalifa apartments for rent.

Distinct Features of Luxury Villas in Dubai 

Luxury Villas in Dubai

  • Many luxury villas in Dubai are designed by international architects and fitted with the best brands from across the world.
  • Houses in Dubai often come with state-of-the-art technology, giving the city and life a futuristic feel.
  • The swankiest villas in Dubai not only come with private parking but sometimes also include luxury high-end cars in the garage.
  • Few places in the world including Dubai allow you to buy a beachfront along with a house property.
  • From jacuzzi bath to sauna, Dubai villas come with a range of rich features.

Conclusion- Shall I buy a house in Dubai? 

Luxury Villas in Dubai

Buying a house in Dubai could be a great investment decision as these properties have great rental income as their value keeps on increasing at a steady rate. Dubai government has also introduced a range of measures to make the realty market more attractive for foreign investors. Living in Dubai could also be a great choice for people who like to travel much as Dubai is one of the biggest travel hubs. But one should always follow standard procedures while buying a property in foreign land including Dubai so that their dream is not shattered by scammers.

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