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‘Jibber with Jaber’: A Show Redefining the UAE Podcast Scene
September 10, 2021 | By - AlShorts

‘Jibber with Jaber’: A Show Redefining the UAE Podcast Scene

This is the era of Podcast! There’s nothing like listening to your favourite celebrities and artists as you lay back for a break to rejuvenate. One such artist, who brings your favourite celebrities and their exciting journey right to you, is Ahmad Jaber. Jaber has interviewed many celebrities in the United Arab Emirates on his popular show ‘Jibber with Jaber’.

He has conducted more than 55 episodes of ‘Jibber with Jaber’. Popularly known as AJ, not only does he make his fans giggle but also shares significant cultural values of the Arab world. In his recent episode #59, Jaber interviewed the first Arab man to walk 650km to the North Pole, Nabs Al Busaidi.

The show is, however, not limited to just knowledge, but also includes segments of fun activities for everyone. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the ‘Jibber with Jaber’ podcast was one of the more popular shows aired in the UAE.

The list of episodes featuring extraordinary personalities helped many people to overcome various fears amid the lockdown. Being a fitness enthusiast himself, AJ encourages his fans to live and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Seen smiling always, AJ has brought hope and reason to smile in many households in UAE. He is also known for his extraordinary charm and bringing humour and smiles on the show while maintaining the dignity and respect of traditional values.

AJ has also attempted a Guinness World Record in Dubai for the highest suspended podcast episode. It was episode #57 with a local artist named FREEK.

AJ gained popularity for his unique long-form audio and video podcast sessions, known to be most-watched in the region. He has invited many of UAE’s influential names like Big Hass, Mende, and Enjy Kiwan on his show.

The show is focused on engaging content for celebrities’ fans, and that’s what AJ delivers perfectly. AJ aims to talk about the sensitive yet significant agendas that must reach the audience of UAE and the world. This is a podcast show for all! So keep watching the latest shows and enjoy your time of happiness with AJ!


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