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Hooked On Hena – She Did It, You Can Too!
September 17, 2021 | By - AlShorts

Hooked On Hena – She Did It, You Can Too!

There’s little doubt about the fact that women are leading the world in uncountable ways. From aerospace to politics, sports, and entrepreneurship, women are leading the charge. Social media is another such industry, where we’re seeing female influencers using the opportunity to deliver information, spread awareness, and so much more!

The UAE recently celebrated Emirati Women’s Day. Commemorated each year on 28 August, the special occasion brings an opportunity to highlight the achievements of many talented women. We speak with Hena Bangash Khan in this article. With over 103k followers on Instagram, Hena is creating a stir in the social media space with her tours, reviews, and informative content that is beneficial for the people residing in the UAE. The award-winning influencer also manages a Facebook group called UAE Mums, which has almost 20,000 members. The group connects women residing in the UAE and sharing the same interests and ambitions. Let’s get to know Hena, her achievements, and ambitions more with a small questionnaire.

Why the name Hooked on Hena and what is your work all about?

I have been blessed to see so much love on Facebook where I initially started and where my main fan base comes from. I got so much support on whatever I did that I wanted my name to be part of my Instagram handle so my followers could recognize it.

And since it’s a lifestyle feed about activities I am engaged in, whether it’s restaurant reviews, stores, or products. What better name than “HookedonHena”?

What inspired you to do what you are doing right now?

I have a keen interest in dining out, shopping, and trying everything new. And since my followers have always appreciated me sharing new places and products with them on Facebook, especially in my closed community group UAE Mums, I thought it was time to move to Instagram and help a wider audience via a public page.

Tell us about your major achievements

Although I feel I have a long way to go but some of the things that make me feel content are the various charity drives that I have organized throughout the many years for UAE blue-collar workers. I have been associated with various special education institutes to spread awareness on Autism and support schools for kids with disabilities.

I am also proud of the fact that I could facilitate so much for women through my community group. I was able to tie up with therapists and counsellors to provide pro bono therapy sessions to several women. I have also held many breast cancer awareness campaigns and empowered women by providing a platform through my company to showcase their talent. Bringing the Indian and Pakistani community together through my various community events is one thing that makes all the hard work worth my while as it promotes the message of peace and harmony. It shows how we expatriates live here irrespective of the tensions across the border.

Hena Bangash Khan

How do you aspire to inspire women around the world?

I have always maintained that it’s never too late to pursue your dreams and goals and you can always make time for yourself. I want my story to provide strength to the common woman – “that she can” – irrespective of whether it’s perusing a hobby, starting a small business, taking up a course, or standing up to someone. I also mentor many women around me and that is something that brings me a great deal of peace.

I am that common woman who did it. And I believe they can, too.

What is your message for all the women and daughters of the UAE and the Middle East?

Make time for yourself & do what makes you happy. Above all, support other women and encourage them to step up.

How are you contributing to sustainable development in the UAE?

I do my small bit by recycling and reusing. We have reusable tot bags that we use instead of plastic bags. We have almost completely eliminated bottled water ever since we installed a water filter system at home a couple of months ago. We also have solar panels installed for lights outside the house and we are looking forward to installing a larger solar plant for our indoor requirements, too.

Let’s all come together and do our bit to save the planet.

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