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Fancy A Floating Villa? UAE just unveiled its first one in Dubai 
May 25, 2021 | By - Neelam Motwani

Fancy A Floating Villa? UAE just unveiled its first one in Dubai 

If there is one thing that the United Arab Emirates is most popular for, it is the luxury lifestyle and innovation. How does a floating villa sound to you? For some people, it might sound like a fanciful idea, but UAE has successfully launched its first-ever floating villa. 

The villa includes 12 floating Sea Palace Resorts, the first unit of which has been successfully placed in the sea. It is popularly known as ‘Neptune’, which is launched by the local ships and vessels industry called Seagate Shipyard. This floating villa is part of the AED870 million Sea Palace Floating Resort Project. Let’s get to know about this project in detail.

What does the Sea Palace Floating Resort Project include?

The project includes a floating luxury hotel along with 12 mobile boat villas, which will soon be stationed near Dubai Marina. The first mobile villa called ‘Neptune’ was unveiled at Al Hamra Port in Ras Al Khaimah. 

The company is also planning to build floating residences and other hotels in different Emirates of the country. 

The project is inspired by glass boat design and is expected to finish by the first quarter of 2023. 

How is the floating villa designed?

The floating villas will contain two storeys which will cover an area of approximately 10,333 square feet. The villa will accommodate four ensuite bedrooms, outdoor and indoor living areas. The ground floor of the villa will be made of glass that will provide a beautiful view of the water. The roof of the villa will have an infinity swimming pool. There will also be two separate rooms for staff, a living room and an adjoining kitchen.

floating villa in Dubai

The first floating villa under this project was sold last year in October to a Dubai-based businessman Balvinder Sahani for AED20 million. 

Technology and Innovation used in the Floating Villa

The company stated that the luxury boat villa will be powered by solar energy along with driving technology for air filtration and wastewater management. The villa will also feature wave-resistant hydraulic engines and a muted engine room that will allow the residents to move their villas to different locations smoothly.

If you are wondering why Dubai was chosen as a perfect location for a floating resort, it is the significance of the destination and tourist spot that attracts people to invest and live in this Emirate. People are excited to see other floating villas that are expected to be unveiled during Expo 2020. Till then, AlShorts will bring you more innovative stories from across UAE and the world.


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