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Experts Guidance on COVID-19 Vaccination: Why get vaccinated
May 11, 2021 | By - Kirti Chauhan

Experts Guidance on COVID-19 Vaccination: Why get vaccinated

Covid -19 Vaccination is the best way to shield against infectious diseases as it toughens your immune system to fight against specific viruses. When you get vaccinated, you are not only shielding yourself but also protecting the entire community. Right now, the concerns are revolving around COVID-19 vaccines. And, the biggest questions among the people are: ‘Should they get vaccinated’, ‘Can someone get Covid from the coronavirus vaccine’, ‘When to get vaccinated’ and ‘Is vaccination safe’ among others. Well, to answer your queries, here are a few pointers to clear your doubt.

Indian Neuropsychiatrist Dr Rajesh Parikh, who is the author of the first book on vaccine ‘The Vaccine Book’, has answered several other such pressing questions that are continuously dodging your mind.


1. Should I take the COVID-19 vaccine?

The answer to this basic question is definitely, YES. Covid-19 is now an easily communicable disease and is spreading quickly. So far, vaccination to prevent Covid infection is perhaps the best hope for ending the pandemic. When enough people in the community will be vaccinated, the spread of disease will eventually slow down.

2. What are the benefits of getting a COVID-19 vaccination?

Simply, a Covid-19 vaccine will help prevent you from getting Covid-19. In case you get affected after taking the vaccine, then it will help protect you from turning into significantly unwell or lose your life due to the disease. It will also prevent you from spreading the disease to others. Getting vaccinated will stop the virus from spreading and replicating, which permits it to mutate and become prone to vaccines. Although, achieving herd immunity is a long-term goal, but your efforts will make a count.

3. What are the Side effects or consequences of taking Covid jabs?

The side effects of Covid-19 vaccines are common but mild. Overall throughout vaccines, the facet consequences may also sense like flu or even have an effect on the capacity to do day by day activities as the body takes time to accept something new to adjust in it. However, you will be fine in a few days. But, do not get scared or back out after seeing such complications. It is important to take the second vaccination jab unless medically advised otherwise.

4. Is it possible to get Covid-19 disease from the vaccine?

Well, the answer is pretty much ‘No’. Basically, the vaccines are made up of inactivated virus, elements of the virus or a gene from the virus, which are not supposed to cause the infection in the body. However, the immunity takes about 4 to 6 weeks after the first dose and 10-12 days after the second to show its effects.

5. What is the efficacy of a vaccine?

All new vaccines go through scientific trials that suggest they are secure and powerful before getting any authorization or approval for use. Efficacy is the degree to which extent it provides protection, controls transmission against the disease. Also, it decreases the prevalence of ailments in managed conditions. In another term, vaccine effectiveness is its efficacy. However, the 50% efficacy threshold is set for Covid-19 vaccines, which means, a vaccine is only worth using if it is at least 50% effective.

India started its vaccine inoculation drive for all adults on 1 May 2021. While more than 1.32 billion Covid-19 vaccine doses have been administered worldwide. However, it is yet to how soon the entire population on the planet can get vaccinated against this deadly virus. For more latest news and bulletins around the world, keep reading AlShorts, short news in 30 seconds.


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