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Cyclone Tauktae: What Do You Need To Know
May 18, 2021 | By - Neelam Motwani

Cyclone Tauktae: What Do You Need To Know

The catastrophe seems never-ending in India. Rising COVID-19 cases and deaths in the country were not enough, that India had to face another disaster. This time, it was a revenge of nature under the name ‘Cyclone Tauktae’. A cyclone that is classified as ‘extremely severe’ travelled along the western coast of India. The cyclone then killed more than 12 people and over 200,000 people were asked to evacuate the coast. Hospitals in India were already overwhelmed by an increasing number of COVID-19 patients, but the staff had to save more people in the emergency who suffered injuries due to the cyclone.

India Battles Cyclone Tauktae along with second wave of COVID-19

Many coastal areas in the west ordered for electricity cut as a precautionary measure as the rain and wind speed was recorded over 100 km/h, especially in Gujarat. However, people saw a little relief today as  India Meteorological Department (IMD) confirmed that the cyclone is further weakening. 

Damage due to Cyclone Tauktae

A day before, an extremely severe cyclonic storm hit Gujarat that resulted in severe damage in the areas including people getting injured. Many trees and electricity towers were uprooted in Gujarat and Mumbai. Water clogging was a severe issue faced in major parts of Mumbai. However, with COVID-19 lockdown, there were less people on the streets resulting in lesser traffic on the road.

Cyclone Tauktae is, in fact, the strongest cyclone in the region since 1998. The high alert was declared in Gujarat and Maharashtra while the Indian Navy was performing many boat rescue operations to save people affected in the commercial barges. 


Cyclone Tauktae

Although the cyclone storm is weakening, the officials have still advised people to stay indoors to avoid the flooded roads and damaged trees and power lines. 

Many fishing boats have already returned to harbour while many other ships have taken a reroute to avoid any damage.


Cyclone Tauktae

Rains from the storm also affected areas of Kerala, Goa, and Karnataka killing at least six people as the cyclone was heading towards the western coastline. The overall death toll from the cyclone is still unclear, although it is estimated to cross 3,000 mark. To get more updates about the cyclone and news from across the world, keep reading AlShorts, short news in 30 seconds.


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