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A photowalk through UAE’s Hope Probe Mission to Mars
July 13, 2020 | By - Vaidehi Singh

A photowalk through UAE’s Hope Probe Mission to Mars

UAE – a country that opens discussions shares opinions and insights and further supports it’s residents and citizens, and then moves forward to the finale, recollecting and reemphasizing on each and every aspect catered and contributed by one and all. That is how UAE’s growth best be explained in words.  

One such example of this is the Hope Probe. Yes, you heard it right! Hope Probe is the first planetary science mission led by an Arab-Islamic country, and that is UAE. As the countdown has already begun, here’s a journey from where it all started.

JULY 2014: UAE announced their first Arab mission to explore the Red Planet – Mars.

JANUARY 2020: Another feat was achieved as the Emirati leaders rolled the ball for the launch to Mars with the support and determination of the youth, taking a step ahead to serve science and humanity.

JANURAY 2020: After the final voting from across the globe, UAE finally incorporated the ‘Seven Lines’ emblem, confirming the country’s progress in turning aspirations of space exploration into reality.

A team of hard-working women have been the backbone of this venture. One of them is this, H.E. Sarah Amiri, the Deputy Project Manager.
DO YOU KNOW – The core science team in the Hope Probe Mission consists 80% female staff?

FEBRUARY 2020: The first installment of the final piece of the Hope Probe was laid on the space vehicle, and that was a very special piece. It holds the signature of all Emirati leaders and the respective Crown Prince of the seven Emirates.

One of the man himself, HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, who initiated this great move. 
DO YOU KNOW – The Launch will take place on the birthday of this great visionary leader! 


INTERESTING FACT: The probe was developed in less than a usual period (SIX years our of ten), at half the cost, and is set on a goal to launch as scheduled.

On 19 May 2020, Emirates Mars Mission announced its launch date to the Red Planet, and its just a few days away. The Hope Probe is set to take off from Japan on 15 July 2020.

Prior to a successful launch, alignment and testing makes a major part. The team took to perform the optics alignment measurement survey test to take care of the relative angles between each and every instrument to assure minimum change after the probe’s transportation.
After all, success and dedication begins here


  1. EMIRS (Emirates Mars Infrared Spectrometer)

This particular device will study the Martian lower atmosphere in the infrared band & measure the global distribution of dust, ice clouds, water vapour and temperature profiles.

  1. EMUS (Emirates Mars Ultraviolet Spectrometer)
    This will study the upper atmosphere and traces of oxygen and hydrogen further into space.
  2. EXI (Emirates Exploration Imager)
    Digital camera that will capture high resolution images of Mars and send it to Earth.

25 APRIL 2020: The Probe departed for its launch site – Japan.

15 Days Left: The H-IIA (F42) launch vehicle at the Tanegashima Space Centre, Japan being prepared for the launch.

At the end, the day is not far when UAE will register its name in the books of history. Let’s pray for the best and get glued as the Hope Probe takes off on 15 July 2020 from Japan’s station.

But before you end it, just to get a perfect glimpse of the entire journey in just a few seconds, here – 

image credit: Mars Hope Mission


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