Saturday 04 February 2023


question-markWhat market AlShorts cater to?

The idea behind the project is to keep Middle-East countries in focus for delivering the short content news. AlShorts holds a concept of 3 W’s, which are ‘what’ ‘when’ and ‘where’ along with the 3 A’s like ‘Any-time’ ‘Anywhere’ and ‘Any-day.’ Keeping the A’s and the W’s in mind the app caters its purpose of existence.

We are well aware of the involvement of digitalization in our daily life. It is an easier platform for the users to engage with the ongoing trend or the things happening around the world in a precise display of content.

The application was built by keeping the interest of Millenials and the people having varied areas of interest. Altogether they have fifteen categories which comprise of Local/UAE, Regional, International, Health, Travel, Sports, Auto, Technology, Business, Entertainment, Food, Lifestyle, Jobs, Events and Gaming. You have access to choose all the fifteen categories in one go, but the minimum should at least meet up to three categories.

The compatibility of the application works smoothly on Android and IOS devices. You can download the application on the Play Store and App Store freely.

The app doesn’t support the collection of personal information of its user. The privacy policy of the application justifies clearly about the regulations by keeping its user’s privacy in the priority list.

The features of AlShorts vary from all the other media applications in the market. It is a top-notch one-stop junction for a user to acquire all the information within no time. It is the first of its kind in the Middle-East market. No other media house has come up with a strategy like AlShorts to give readers time management first preference, along with satisfying the users urge of reading the top stories. The USP comprises of creating awareness with the minimum words to provide with the maximum output to a reader running short on time.

The organization is well aware of the competitive world. Keeping in mind the morning struggle to the office and the race to avoid the evening traffic we provide you with the most convenient way to stay in touch with the world. What is going around in the World will be at your fingertips, and all a user has to do is swipe it left or right. An application which consumes the minimum time to give out the maximum output is more of a golden opportunity every user should grab.

At times, we miss out something important just because of a lengthy page in front of us. AlShorts promises to provide you with the intact content, and the style it follows is short and crisp. If compared, AlShorts promises informative pieces, including the necessary details for the readers. The digital platform is limited, as the number of users are comparatively less based on their personal preferences. It is the best-summarized way, especially in English to meet its goal of being accessible to a majority of people with the most common language.

AlShorts has no restriction for its users based on their residence. It is an open platform to acquire knowledge for everybody. There are no limitations or boundaries set on the readers. We hold an agenda to reach a wide range of people with the best we have to serve them.

Every application in the building process solves this concern by providing the feature of push notification. You can select the allow notification icon in the setting of the application. The latest news digest will be sent on your device through a notification making you aware of the latest happening around you or around the world. A notification is more of a reminder if you are unable to spare those few minutes for a morning brief, a flash message helps you in being aware.

A news platform doesn’t limit itself to a certain area of interest. A news piece is news be it around you or around the world. The application might set its focus but that does not mean that the rest will be blurred. A media house wants to grab every bit because different readers hold a different area of concern.

Indian users can relate to this platform as it is one right way to break the stereotype of being reliable on the print media or newspaper. It is a relatable way to ensure the authenticity of media houses. We provide the required piece of information in a new style while meeting all the needs of a user.

AlShorts is one single-handed platform which is unique with its style. There are no look alike platforms which resolves the same purpose of AlShorts and its existence in the Middle-East. AlShorts is one of its kind which has come up with the idea of delivering a short, precise, and crisp content to its audience.

Colors are not just to make the visuals look better they hold a message with their presence. Lets have a look what we have here to convey with the help of colors.

  • World - Pink (LOVE)
  • Regional- Orange (Friendliness/ Enthusiasm )
  • Local - Red (Excitement/ Youth / Bold)
  • Health – Leaf Green ( Growth/ Organic)
  • Travel – Red (Passion / excitement)
  • Sports- Yellow ( Cheerfulness / Optimism)
  • Auto- Grey ( Neutral/Futuristic)
  • Technology – Blue (Facebook)
  • Business – Black (Power / elegant)
  • Entertainment – Purple (Creative)
  • Food – Green (Balance/Wholesomeness)
  • Lifestyle –Brown ( Comfort/ Dependable)
  • Jobs – Indigo (Sincerity)
  • Events – Turquoise (Clarity of Thoughts)
  • Real Estate - Olive (prosperity)


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