Saturday 04 February 2023

Editorial Policy

To ensure that we, at AlShorts, deliver the best and high-quality content to our users, we have set-up a set of editorial guidelines that govern the content being published on our platform. Below are the editorial guidelines explained in brief.

News in 60 words

By acting as news aggregators, we provide information in a summarized manner within a limit of 60 words.

To establish the accuracy, credibility and verify the facts we check different sources and then proceed working

The people working in our team ready a single article at various platforms and understanding the gist of the information, they curate a summarized version of the information

By validating facts and information from various sources, we ensure that the summarized information is un-opinionated and un-biased

Strong Review System

We follow a practice of multiple-review layer. One summarized content before getting published on our platform goes through a strong review system.

First is the self-review process where the writer checks the content for spelling, grammatical, contextual, formation and language errors

The next review is done by the content editor who ensures the content guidelines are followed well

The next is checking the content for plagiarism levels and grammatical assurance through various software available in the market

Plagiarism: NO!

The platform guidelines focus on avoiding plagiarism on every possible level. We believe & focus on providing content as licensed by our partners on the platform

The content guidelines of the platform ensure to implement a through & strict plagiarism check.

The editor focuses on strictly looking out for possible plagiarism in the content that is going to be published on the platform

We seek technological help to avoid plagiarism on the platform. Using highly-reliable software available in the market, we eliminate the minimalist possibilities of plagiarism.

Taking Care of Intellectual Property Rights

Apart from taking strict & legal actions for protecting our Intellectual Property Rights, we believe in respecting the Intellectual Property Rights of other platforms

We ensure that content going on our platform in the form of images, videos, or audios are available on an open-to-use basis or are available to use under the specific guidelines and licenses.

Amid the through internal checking procedure, we ensure that each of the content material is subject to appropriate copyrights.

Language & Style Consistency

The detailed editorial policy provided to the writing department comprises of a common guideline for writing style, grammar, language, etc., to ensure consistency and similarity in our contents.


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