Saturday 10 December 2022


Fancy A Floating Villa? UAE just unveiled its first one in Dubai 

UAE is popular for its luxurious and innovative lifestyle. A floating villa is just one part of the same. It is included in the floating resorts project that will take the luxury of the country to another level.

May 25, 2021 | By - Neelam Motwani

How UAE celebrates Mothers Day 2021 amid Covid-19 pandemic

As UAE celebrates Mother's Day today, here's a list of things you can splurge on your loving mums. Also, read a touching note from Her Highness Sheikha Fatima, the Mother of Nation.

March 21, 2021 | By - Nazeem Beegum Rahuman

Dubai 2040 Urban Master Plan: New plan to help Dubai grow into global city for the future

HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, PM of the UAE, launched Dubai 2040 Urban Master Plan on Saturday. The plan is focused on enhancing people’s happiness, quality of life, growth of economic sectors and increased job opportunities. Maktoum also announced to increase public beach areas by 400% over the next 20 years and also said that 60% of Dubai's area will be nature reserves.

March 17, 2021 | By - Neelam Motwani

Dubai Facts 2020: A tale of amazing trivia that Emirates offers

Are you planning to travel to Dubai and want to know all about the Emirates before landing? If yes, then understand that Dubai is a city and part of seven Emirates in UAE. The tech-savvy city is filled with amazing tourist stops and destinations that will amaze you with wonders in every corner. First of all, let’s know a little more about Dubai, the Emirate that is known for luxury shopping, modern architecture, and a lively nightlife.

August 7, 2020 | By - Ankita

Everything to Know about Founding Father of UAE- Sheikh Zayed

Late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan was the Founding Father of United Arab Emirates. He was the one person who struggled to unite the Emirates and develop UAE value's that we see today.

May 5, 2020 | By - ALSHORTS

7 Best Five Star Hotels In Dubai 2020

With a skyline of not less than a bejeweled tiara, this ‘City of Gold’ has everything to leave you awestruck. Known to the world as one of the most expensive and lavish cities, Dubai never turns off the light of charm.

March 8, 2020 | By - Vaidehi Singh


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