Top 5 News Headlines of The Day | April 7, 2020

Apr 6 2020 By - Admin

For the first time in two months, the world is seeing a

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Financial effects of Coronavirus pandemic

Apr 6 2020 By - Raghav Gupta

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How India Participated in #9PM9MINUTES Movement Amid COVID-19

Apr 5 2020 By - Neelam Motwani

India Prime Minister Narendra Modi called for restraint and resolve to curb and fight Coronavirus spread across the nation. On the 9th day of nati

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Top 5 News Headlines of The Day | April 5, 2020

Apr 5 2020 By - Admin

News is as important as your morning tea, if not on time

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Top 5 News Headlines of The Day | April 3, 2020

Apr 3 2020 By - Admin

Effects of Coronavirus pandemic are now more visible tha

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Highlights from Indian PM Narendra Modi's address on 3 April

Apr 3 2020 By - Vaidehi Singh

India’s Prime Minister addressed the country on 3 April 2020 amid the twenty-one-day lockdown period. This is his second address within a we

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Top 5 News Headlines of The Day | April 2, 2020

Apr 2 2020 By - Admin

Coronavirus and Global crude oil prices grabbed news hea

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8 Things to Not Miss From 2011 World Cup final between India and Sri Lanka

Apr 2 2020 By - Vaidehi Singh

Exactly 9 years back, on this day in the year 2011, India lifted the World Cup trophy after a span of twenty-eight years. Yes, it was 2 April 2011

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People unite Globally for Coronavirus Donations

Apr 2 2020 By - Anmol Kapoor

Coronavirus Pandemic has forced nations around the world

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How will countries manage situations once Coronavirus Lockdown ends?

Mar 30 2020 By - Raghav Gupta

Coronavirus outbreak has reached every corner of the glob

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Top 5 Global News on 30 March 2020

Mar 30 2020 By - Admin

COVID-19 has affected every corner of the world, be it U

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Earth Hour 2020: Global well-being in the time of COVID-19

Mar 28 2020 By - Nisha Joshi

The world celebrates ‘Earth Hour’ this year on 28th March 2020 from 8:30 pm to 9:30 pm(your local time). This time, while we are trapp

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Which Countries Have Reported Deaths from Coronavirus?

Mar 28 2020 By - Vaidehi Singh

Coronavirus, an epidemic, later officially termed as a pandemic by the World Health Organization has blown away all major economies of the world.

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Top 5 news from around the world on 28 March 2020

Mar 27 2020 By - Admin

Coronavirus outbreak took a new turn when Europe was dec

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Will India be able to handle the Coronavirus Outbreak situation?

Mar 27 2020 By - Raghav Gupta

India, the world's second most populated country and

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Top 5 Latest News From India on 27 March 2020

Mar 26 2020 By - Admin

Tough times call for tough measures and India has taken the tough road to safeguard its citizens. After announcing a 21-day lockdown the country h

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How is Coronavirus impacting global economy?

Mar 26 2020 By - Neelam Motwani

With an increasing number in cases of Coronavirus pandemic in the globe, words like recession and credit crisis is on the lips of every forecaster

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Top 5 Global News on 26 March 2020

Mar 26 2020 By - Admin

Missing your daily crunch of Global News? Do not worry! AlShorts is here for the rescue. Get curated highlights from around the world in your smar

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Top 5 news from World on 25 March 2020

Mar 25 2020 By - Admin

As globe copes to fight the Coronavirus battle it is important for you to stay updated. Get your daily crunch of World News on AlShorts app. Downl

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Why is Covid-19 Death Toll in Italy Rising on Hourly Basis?

Mar 25 2020 By - Vaidehi Singh

Italy – a country known for its rustic beauty and cultural ethos all around the world has been in the news recently for all the wrong reason

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Highlights from PM Modi's speech on 24 March 2020 to India

Mar 24 2020 By - Raghav Gupta

India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi will address the nation at 8:00 pm (IST) on Tuesday, March 2020. He is expected to announce a range of

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Top 5 news from UAE on 24 March 2020

Mar 24 2020 By - Admin

While you are at home, safeguarding health of everyone from the deadly Coronavirus. Take a moment and protect yourself from rumours. Read trustwor

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Coronavirus: Do we need to abandon our pets?

Mar 24 2020 By - Anmol Kapoor

There is a lot of misinformation and rumours spreading in regard to Coronavirus outbreak. One of the them happens to be that ‘pets can carry

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Top 7 News from India on 23 March 2020

Mar 23 2020 By - Raghav Gupta

Here are top seven happenings from India sorted and simplified for you. Experience the 60 word news crunch

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From Banging Utensils to Clapping Hands, India’s ‘5 BAJE 5 MINUTE’ Uniity

Mar 22 2020 By - Vaidehi Singh

With the harmonious musical melodies coming out from every household, every Indian national united in Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s move of

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Coronavirus warning: Global tourism industry takes damage

Mar 22 2020 By - Raghav Gupta

Are you looking forward to visiting your dream destination? Think its finally time to pack your bags and just go away? 

NO! We sugg

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Top 7 Mind-Blowing Facts about Dubai

Mar 21 2020 By - Anmol Kapoor

Dubai sometimes is also known as ‘The city of Gods’ is a city full of many extremes. Ranging from extravagance to exciting buildings,

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AlShorts Sponsors 'Desert Spartans' or 'Sixers Blasters' in T10 Super League 2020

Mar 19 2020 By - Admin

ALSHORTS FZC LLC is pleased to announce sponsorship with 'Sixers Blasters' and 'Desert Spartans' team for T10 Super League cricket

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Desert Spartans - Powered by AlShorts

Mar 19 2020 By - Neelam Motwani

The Desert Spartans, sponsored by AlShorts, is a franchise cricket team that will be seen playing in T10 Super League in March 2020. The team is s

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Sixers Blasters - Powered by AlShorts

Mar 19 2020 By - Vaidehi Singh

Sixers Blasters, sponsored by AlShorts, is a franchise cricket team that will be seen playing in the upcoming T10 Super League in March 2020. The

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Top 10 Industries most impacted by the Coronavirus outbreak

Mar 17 2020 By - Nisha Joshi

“If I had known the world was ending, I would’ve brought better books.” — Dale (The Walking Dead)

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Coronavirus Impact: Recent Fluctuations in Oil & Global Economy

Mar 11 2020 By - Neelam Motwani

Having largely ignored COVID-19, popularly known as Coronavirus, spreading across China, reactions by global financial markets came out quite stro

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7 Best Five Star Hotels In Dubai 2020

Mar 8 2020 By - Vaidehi Singh

With a skyline of not less than a bejeweled tiara, this ‘City of Gold’ has everything to leave you awestruck. Known to the world as on

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UAE Coronavirus Aid: Helping hands beyond borders

Mar 7 2020 By - Vaidehi Singh

One of the leading countries in Middle East region, United Arab Emirates (UAE) is known to be the biggest development hub in the region.

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The Top Five Benefits of Rent a luxury Car with Driver in Dubai

Mar 6 2020 By - Anmol Kapoor

Rent a car and travel a new city. No more clamoring for Ubers or hailing cabs. A lifestyle trend, luxury car rental is a fashion trend. Dubai in p

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Coronavirus Global Outbreak: What we know so far

Mar 4 2020 By - Raghav Gupta

Speaking of trending news and bulletins around the globe, Coronavirus outbreak is a definite heading we see in newspapers on a daily basis.

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Dubai Shopping Guide - How to do Shopping in Dubai

Mar 4 2020 By - Anmol Kapoor

Dubai is also known as a shopper’s paradise by many around the world. The Emirate has much to offer with its malls, shops, and festivals, un

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Social Media Rules in UAE: To post or NOT to post

Mar 3 2020 By - Nisha Joshi

Social media is a part of our everyday lives. There is no denying of its importance and allure. There are many who have spent multiple hours

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Top 7 Upcoming Dubai Events in MARCH 2020

Feb 29 2020 By - Anmol Kapoor

Dubai is lively all year round. The people of Dubai are excellent hosts and add a sense of vibrancy in all events they attend. Yet, it is the Duba

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Trump’s India visit brings hope and anticipation

Feb 27 2020 By - Vaidehi Singh

The much-awaited visit of American President Donald J. Trump ended successfully on a high note. The US President made his first official visit to

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Dubai Food Festival 2020: A Melting Pot of Culture and Flavour

Feb 25 2020 By - Nisha Joshi

Food! Any Emirati’s favourite festival or event revolves around food. The one big event they eagerly await is the

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Common Arabic phrases in Pop Culture by Celebrities

Feb 20 2020 By - Nisha Joshi

We all are now global citizens. Borders and boundaries between countries do not matter for people with passion in their heart. Yet, there is a bia

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Latest AED/INR Market Trade Following Strong Bullish Trend

Feb 17 2020 By - Neelam Motwani

After the recent announcement by India Budget 2020, Indian currency saw a slight fluctuation in the recent trend. And speaking of global events, C

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US President Trump’s visit to India: #KemChhoTrump trends 

Feb 14 2020 By - Raghav Gupta

The United States President Donald Trump will soon visit India. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi will host the welcoming ceremony of President

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Virat Kohli 'Surprised' by RCB's Strange Social Media Antics

Feb 13 2020 By - Neelam Motwani

Who is ready for IPL 2020? The excitement of IPL 2020 season can be seen on social media platforms where players talk about their impressive journ

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Highlights of ICC U-19 Cricket World Cup 2020

Feb 13 2020 By - Neelam Motwani

The ICC Under-19 Cricket World Cup 2020 was held from 17 January to 9 February 2020 in South Africa. This was the 13th

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Best of the Best at Oscar 2020

Feb 10 2020 By - Nisha Joshi

The Academy Awards, popularly known as Oscars are dedicated awards to honour the artistic and technical merit in the fi

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Google Maps: New Look & features on its 15th Birthday!

Feb 7 2020 By - Neelam Motwani

The Big Picture: Google Maps celebrates its 15th anniversary. What began with an idea to mapping the entire world in a

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Best 5 Places in Dubai to celebrate World Nutella Day 2020

Feb 5 2020 By - Nisha Joshi

Chocoholics world-wide are unanimous in their love for Nutella. A creamy fusion of milk, hazelnut, and cocoa in the for

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Brexit: What Happened and How will it Affect UK and EU Citizens

Feb 5 2020 By - Neelam Motwani

With the beginning of 2020, BREXIT has been a trending discussion around the world. And why not! Brexit led to major ec

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Six Nations Rugby Championship: An overview of Global excitement

Feb 3 2020 By - Vaidehi Singh

The rugby chapter has begun early this season! The Six Nation Championship is early this time, beginning from 1 Februar

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2020 Union Budget of India: Highlights and Important Announcements

Feb 1 2020 By - Raghav Gupta

Indian Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman, presented the Union Budget 2020 in Lok Sabha on February 1, 2020. She impro

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The Dazzling Beauty of Arabic Architecture in UAE

Feb 1 2020 By - Raghav Gupta

Arabic architecture is one of the ancient wonders in the world as it comprises of constructing buildings style with the

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All you need to know about Coronavirus- Symptoms, Causes, and Treatments

Jan 31 2020 By - Raghav Gupta

What is Coronavirus?

Coronavirus is a type

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Places to visit in Dubai in April 2020 To Have A Great Holiday Experience

Jan 23 2020 By - Anmol Kapoor

As a tourism hub, many travelers prefer to experience the great middle east. With that in mind, Dubai is often the numb

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Popular sports in UAE

Jan 22 2020 By - Anmol Kapoor

With the gaining popularity of sports all over the world, it has not only became a source of entertainment but also a g

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What are the Good Places you would Visit in UAE?

Jan 22 2020 By - Anmol Kapoor

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a federation of seven Emirates, situated in Middle East region. The country plays an

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