AlShorts is the ideal combination of news categories, one gets an insider edge on the latest happenings. We also offer users flexibility to change the look and feel of AlShorts application with the dark mode. Users can also customize notification priorities. AlShorts aims to be the one-stop solution for users as a global news portal. To serve as a digital catalyst, AlShorts also offers a range of products to get businesses online in the era of smartphones and internet. From building websites and mobile applications to creating private portals, we serve it all!

Vision & Mission

For the global population, we present short news content with the maximum number of facts. AlShorts makes sure the news articles are easy to read and understand to serve the non-native English reading userbase that is often ignored by traditional media houses. Most stories on AlShorts have a reading time of 30 seconds with a count of about 60 words.

With the promise of delivering good quality verified content, AlShorts acts as a fact strainer for its users. Only verified news articles and stories make their way on the AlShorts application. We focus on giving out good quality informative global content for our user base. To save precious time of our readers, we publish selected news articles that are necessary for general awareness.

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