COVID-19: New Zealand decides to ease restrictions from March 7

COVID-19: Rajasthan records 156 new cases, reports 1 death in a day

Sensex slips 400 points with 1% fall, Nifty opens below 15,000

UAE Global Village breaks 16th Guinness World Records


Exclusive interview with Kabir Singh’s Akhil Sachdeva of Tera Ban Jaunga fame

Source : Kabir Singh

Lion King, Frozen 2: Is Sunidhi Chauhan’s son picking up projects for her? | AlShorts With Celebs

Source : Sunidhi Chauhan

UAE National Day 2020 | How is the celebration different this year

Source : UAE National Day 2020

IT Technology

Source : Inforation

UAE National Day 2020 | How is the celebration different this year

Source : UAE National Day 2020

UAE National Day 2020 | How UAE celebrated iconic 49th National Day | AlShorts

Source : UAE National Day 2020

IT Technology

Source : Inforation

Chandan Roy Sanyal lets you inside his Aashram and more | AlShorts With Celebs

Source : Chandan Roy Sanyal

Lion King, Frozen 2: Is Sunidhi Chauhan’s son picking up projects for her? | AlShorts With Celebs

Source : Sunidhi Chauhan

International Women’s Day: Women’s Role in Different Regions of the World

On this International Women's Day, it is time to learn the reality of women in different parts of the world. One corner of the planet Earth where women are enjoying equal rights and opportunities in western countries and UAE, there are still many developing countries and tribal societies that are struggling to even serve the hygienic environment for women.

March 3, 2021 | By - Neelam Motwani

How To Differentiate Between Facts and Fiction In a News

News is only categorised as news when backed up with correct facts. The minute you spice it up with fake bullets to engage in any propaganda, news loses its credibility. Fact is what you call genuine information, while fiction is the characters in a news piece that may or may not have any relation to the real data and event.

March 2, 2021 | By - Neelam Motwani

World Wildlife Day 2021: How Humans Drove These Wildlife Species To Extinction

In this blog we will tell you about 10 wildlife species that have gone extinct in the recent times. From leopards to butterflies, several animals and birds have suffered the acts of humanity. The theme of World Wildlife Day 2021 is #ForestPeoplePlanet

March 2, 2021 | By - Raghav Gupta

Why toddlers must return to their schools

Educational experts and decision makers are keeping mum on preschoolers since the outbreak of Covid-19. How long they have to wait to restart their education? Teachers and parents share their concern with Al Shorts.

February 22, 2021 | By - Nazeem Beegum Rahuman

IPL 2021: Auction Over, Fans Await Action-Packed 14th Edition

Get all the IPL auction updates, venue uncertain, teams brace for the 14th season. Stay connected with AlShorts for IPL 2021 news and updates.

February 20, 2021 | By - Ajay Singh

Hope Probe Enters Mars Orbit: UAE Joins Elite League of Space Countries

UAE is now officially the first Arab nation to reach Mars as Hope Probe successfully entered the Red Planet orbit at 7:42 PM, GST on 9 February 2021. The probe named ‘Al Amal’, Arabic for ‘Hope’, blasted off from Japan on 20 July 2020. 

February 10, 2021 | By - Neelam Motwani

World Radio Day 2021: Why this popular mass medium still ‘sounds good’ 

Radio place in the pantheon of mass mediums of communication remains undisputed despite the onslaught of advanced technologies like smartphones, music players, etc. In 2012, the United Nations declared February 13 as World Radio Day as a recognition for the medium popularity and widespread outreach, which it maintains can help societies worldwide in numerous ways.

February 10, 2021 | By - Ankita

Just Sul: How An Average Indian Man Rose To Fame with Short Videos

Instagram star Just Sul shot to great fame in 2020 as people binged over his videos and content during COVID-19 lockdown. The Indian comedian is known for recreating looks of many celebrities including Kylie Jenner and Justin Bieber. On an average, his Instagram videos garner over a million views. While people may not know Just Sul name, most people recognise him by face due to his popularity in US, UK, India, and the Middle East. 

February 10, 2021 | By - Raghav Gupta

UAE Hope Probe: 5 things You Must Know About Emirates Mars Mission

On 2 December 1971, the Soviet Union’s Mars 3 spacecraft carried out the first successful landing on the surface of Mars. Interestingly, on that same day, millions of miles away back on Earth, one of the newest space-faring nations – United Arab Emirates (UAE) – was born. Now, almost half a century later, the UAE has launched its own spacecraft to Mars. It is called ‘Hope Probe’. The Hope Probe’s arrival on Mars coincides with the UAE’s 50th year as a nation, adding to its glory.
The name is not a wishful expression, although all space missions require faith that they will reach their destination. Rather, Hope is a signal of optimism to young people in the Emirates and beyond, of what can be achieved when people come together and work on a scientific challenge.
But it’s true, the UAE, a nation which is just 50 years old, has sent the Probe to Mars in 2020, on a voyage of scientific discovery. It may seem ambitious for such a young nation with very little history in science or engineering. But one thing the UAE has in abundance is a strong desire to progress and become one of the world’s leading nations in the fields of technology and innovation – as it moves on from oil-based economy to knowledge-based.
The Probe is currently near Mars, travelling at over 120,000kmph. It must fire its braking engines for 27 minutes in a bid to ensure that it is captured by the planet's gravity.

February 9, 2021 | By - Anmol Kapoor

Timeline: From Approval of Farm Bills to the International Rage of Protest

Farmers dying by suicide, increased police force, 'Chakka jam' or road blockades,  endless rallies...; farmer protest takes a new twist every day! While police forces in the capital prepare for a crackdown against the farmers every single day, a sign of a peaceful end seems to fade away.

February 6, 2021 | By - Neelam Motwani
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